What the Bible says about the age of the earth, And how it refutes the “theory” of evolution.

Teach this to your children

Today’s debate among atheists and creationists rages on. And in the meantime, our schools are teaching evolution as a fact, that the earth is “billions” of years old, and removing any reference to God, or a “first cause”,  while creationists stand by with no rebuttal. Well, for those of you wondering about what to tell your kids, or just seeking to find out for yourself, here is some
useful information. I encourage you to verify this yourself. Get a calculator.

 Few Bible believers know that the Bible literally records every year of human existence through the hand of Moses. There  are genealogies there that, once understood, show a timeline from Adam to Abraham. This will be the primary focus of this message.

 Bible believers have always heard that it’s only been 6000 or so yrs from creation to today, but most cannot show you in the scriptures where it says that. Many want to know.  Here’s the answer.

 First, you must understand that Genesis is a LITERAL HISTORICAL account.There’s nothing “Figurative” about it. It was written by Moses. To disprove, or refute this historical account, you must first prove Moses a liar. Not likely.

 Abraham is mentioned in the title of this message. And he will be a reference point for the years and times mentioned hereafter.

 The Bible says it was only 1948 years from Adam to Abraham. This time period is all the Bible believer needs. Abraham was born about 2157 BC. His existence, and life are not disputed by scholars. All of the worlds Jews, Christians, and Muslims will confirm Abraham as well.

 Genesis chapter 5 records 1056 years from Adam to Noah. Simply add the ages of the fathers at the son’s birth in the genealogy given. Moving on to Genesis 7:6, it says “and Noah was 600 yrs old when the flood came”. This brings us to 1656 yrs from Adam to the flood.  Only 290-292 years before Abraham.
 Some say “well, it’s impossible that men could have lived that long in the book of Genesis.”  In reading Genesis 1:7, it states there was a “firmament” of waters above the earth after the creation. This protective layer of water, blocked all gamma radiation and UV rays, the chief cause of aging and cell degeneration. This also greatly increased the barometric pressure,resulting in a greater oxygen content in a given volume of air. Plants, and animals were bigger and healthier  also. Given these environmental conditions, it’s not a stretch that men could live so long as they did in this time.

 Moving on to Genesis chapter 11, again, simply add the ages of the father’s at the son’s birth AFTER the flood, from Arphaxad to Abraham, to get 292 yrs. This adds up to 1948 years after Adam. “but how do you know when THAT WAS”? many ask. Well, it’s just a matter of math. “you gotta know when ABRAHAM was born.  Most sources and scholars  agree he was born around 2000-2100 BC. My study concludes 2157 BC. Now do the math. 1948 yrs from Adam to Abram in 2157 BC=4105 years BC. Add today’s 2012 AD +4105yrs BC= 6117 years from Adam to today.  Study this and verify it yourself.
 Here is the short version. Abraham was born 290 years before Israel went into Egypt. To arrive at this figure, the scriptures say Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born (100), and Isaac was 60 when Jacob and Esau were born (160), and Jacob was 130 years old when he entered Egypt (290)  Israel was in Egypt for 30 years,(320) then they were taken into slavery for another 400 yrs.(720), then the exodus. 1 kings 6:1 says Israel built the first temple 480 years later(965-957 B.). So to add back, it gets you 957+480+430+290=2157BC, the year of Abraham’s birth. Simply add the years from creation to Abraham’s birth year to arrive at 4105 BC. Add 4105+2012 to get 6117 total years the earth, and all creation has been here.
 And finally, if you’d like to know what the New Testament says about Evolution, it’s summed up in just a few passages of scripture.,  Romans 5:12 says nothing died until Adam sinned, so the oldest dinosaur bone is only as old as Adam. Job 39, 40. and 41 give detailed descriptions of Dinosaurs and dragons. We lived with them.
 Now the atheist will rebut by saying the Bible has no credibility, but there is NO REASON NOT to believe it. It is the most accurate, verifiable historical account in existence. Not one of its historical accounts have ever been refuted by archaeology. Again, It has never been proven wrong in any historical account, and archaeology confirms it more and more each day, not to mention the
credibility of Moses, so the burden of proof is not on the Bible believer, but the atheist. The atheist must believe his opinion by great faith in the face of hard, credible evidence that refutes his “theory” of evolution, and a billion yr old planet.

 Here are some other important, verifiable dates in The Bible. 1 Kings ch 6 says 480 yrs after the Exodus the first temple was constructed. Historians agree this was 965-957 Bc. Again, with a little math and a calculator, one only has to add 957+ 480 yrs + 430 yrs, the time of bondage, plus the 290 yrs prior, to arrive at 2157bc, the year of Abrahams birth.  Further study of the genealogy of Abraham,(1948 AC) Isaac,(2048 AC)and Jacob (2108 AC)reveals it was a mere 290 years from Abraham to The beginning of bondage in Egypt.. Added to 1948 will give you the years from Adam to 1 AD., 4105 +2012,  about 6117 yrs we’ve been here.

God bless!


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