A short study of the Koran

Here is what I came up with. Feel free to verify the suras provided, and decide for yourself.

Christians have rewards waiting for them in heaven. Sura 2:62.
Christians are the worst creatures on earth. Sura 98:6
Seek Christians for help understanding the Bible. Sura 10:94
Koran says allah is a deciever. suras 1;142, 3;54, 7;99, 8;30, 10;21, 13;42, 27;50.
Koran says allah misleads Muslims sura 8;43.
allah saves who he will, and leads astray who he will. sura 14;4 (a respector of persons?)
allah will fill hell. sura 11;118. (John 3;16 says God isn’t willing that ANY perish.)
allah compels men to sin. sura 17;16.
Koran isnt abrogated or changed. 2;106 ,6;115, 6;34. (the suras about allahs three daughters, al-lat, al-uzza, and al-menat, arent found in modern korans.)
Koran IS abrogated and changed. 2;106, 16;101.
Mary was a woman of truth. sura 5;75.
Mary was Aaron’s sister. suras 3;35,36, 19;27-28, 15;20. (Mary and Aaron lived 1400 yrs apart.)
Mary was the daughter of Imram. (her father was Heli).
The moon is as far away as the stars. sura 67;5
A mans seed comes from his ribs. sura 86;5
The world is flat. sura 40;22. (isaiah 40;22 says its round. “the circle of the Earth” means it is a circle regardless of what angle it is viewed from. ROUND.)
Mohammed confuses Saul with Gideon. sura 2;241.
Says Israel was a “scanty band” compared to the Egyptians. (Exodus 1;7-10 says they were more and mightier than Egypt. More than 2 million Israelites, and many others left Egypt during the Exodus)
Several angels talked to Mary at her conception. suras 3;42,45
ONE angel talked to Mary at her conception. sura 19;71.
Noah’s seed survived the flood. sura 37:77. (err..duhh!?).
One of Noah’s sons drowned in the flood. sura 11;42.(thereby eliminating 1/3 of the worlds population)
The flood occured in Moses’s day. (Noah and Moses lived 700 years apart.
Abraham lived in Mecca. (Abraham never set foot in Mecca, and lived 1000 miles away, in Hebron).
Creation took six days. suras 7;54, 19;3, 11;7 25;59.
Creation took EIGHT days. sura 41;9
Abraham was thrown into a fire by Nimrod. suras 21;31-71, 37;98,97. ( Abraham and Nimrod lived 200 years apart)
Abraham’s father was Azar. sura 6;74. (Abraham’s father was Terah gen 11;27)
The man who bought Joseph from his brothers was named Aziz. (it was Potipher)
Abraham went to sacrifice Ishmael. (It was Isaac).
The trinity is father, son and mother. sura 5;73.
Pharoah’s wife adopted Moses suras 28;8-9. (Pharoahs DAUGHTER adopted Moses).
John the Baptists father couldnt speak for three days. sura 9;10.(Zecharias was mute for NINE MONTHS till John was born.)
The Samaritans helped Israel make the golden calf while Moses was on the mountain. (Samaritans didnt exist at that time.)
The sun sets in a muddy spring. sura 18;85.
Alexander the Great was Muslim, and died at an old age. (Alexander the Great died at the young age of 33, and was by no stretch a muslim.)
Man is made from clotted blood sura 96;1-5. (doesnt say WHOSE blood.)
NO ONE can change the koran. sura 6;34.
Koran can be changed. sura 2;106, 16;101.
Islamic inheritance law adds up to 15/12 of a deceased persons estate. Sura 4;11-12, 4;176. (fuzzy math?)
Evil is from satan sura 38:41.
Evil is from ourselves. sura 4;79.
Evil is from allah. sura 4;78 .
Wine is satan’s handiwork. sura 2;219.
Wine flows like a river in paradise. suras 47;15, 83:22,25 (satan’s handiwork in paradise? whatever.)
Every soul shall taste hell, including muslims. suras 3;185, 19;70.
Islam is the only way to heaven. sura 3;85 (suras 3;185, 19;70 say ALL will see hell. make sense yet?)
Slander of a chaste woman is unforgiveable. sura 24;5
Slander of a chaste woman IS forgiveable. sura 24;23
Rape, murder, and Theivery are just fine if done in allah’s name. suras 8;67;68.
Allah is the Christian God. sura 29;46 (allah has three daughters . Yahweh has a son, named Jesus)
Allah has no son. sura 18;4-6.
Non muslims must pay protection money, or die. sura 9;29.
“Take not life”. sura 6;151. simply means don’t kill other MUSLIMS. its ok to kill “infidels” sura 9;29


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