For those who seek to take Christ out of Christmas

For those who seek to eliminate Christ from Christmas.

Before December, and the atheists attack, share this with your friends, Pastors and teachers, and politicians..

…Even Napoleon wrote about the Lord Jesus Christ (to this effect): “Jesus Christ was no mere man,….my men will soon forget me, but 1500 yrs after his crucifixion, Jesus of Nazareth has millions at this very hour standing ready to die for him” (paraphrased excerpt)”

An atheist seeks a theological debate, and most often puts the believer on the defensive, but when presented with the historical record of the man Jesus Christ, OUTSIDE THE BIBLE, and the fact that no man who ever lived has had a greater impact on the whole fabric of humanity than Jesus Christ, they usually crawl back in their holes hissing and spitting.

Taking the atheist viewpoint, and standing men like Lincoln, Washington, and Martin Luther King alongside Jesus of Nazareth, an atheist cannot give one legitimate reason to NOT recognize Jesus, on his (presumed) birthday for his contribution to humanity.

Even the world’s leading Atheist, Dawkins, will confirm Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth 2000 yrs ago, (see the Dawkins Lennox debates) and his teachings inspired all men, of the caliber of Washington, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, and drove their contributions to America, and mankind.

An atheist should be no more offended by folks recognizing Jesus (presumed) birthday, than the entire nation taking a day off from work to recognize Washington, Lincoln, or Martin Luther King’s birthdays.

An atheist has no defense when presented with this dichotomy. Share this with your friends, be ready when the atheists attack in December. May the love of Christ be with you all!See More


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