Women’s role in the Church: Mama’s pulpit

What does PAUL SAY about it?


I once read a Christian periodical that had an article in it which was written by Perry Stone, a popular Pentecostal, Bapticostal methodicatholicterian, Messianic Jewish evangelist. (or something along those lines I THINK). I often see him on different “gospel channels” such as TBN and others.

The gist of his article was women in the church. He addresses woman’s role in the churches TODAY, and made a few interesting points and observations. He referred to several instances “back then” where women held different roles in the ministry of the Apostles. It all seemed to make plenty of sense to the uninitiated. I recall taking his words to heart, and meditating on them for some time. I eventually concluded that this man had chosen opinion over Scripture, and tradition over the Bible. And too often in today’s world, in our churches, folks take scripture of context, that doesn’t apply to the church today, to justify their actions. I summed up his article in one statement. “That’s fine and dandy, but that’s not what PAUL says about it”

In regards to women, Paul says in 1 Tim 2:12-14 “suffer not (don’t allow) a women to teach, nor usurp authority over a man, for Adam was first formed, and not the woman, and Adam was not decieved, but the woman being decieived was in the transgression”. That’s what Paul said about it.

Is that to say that a woman has no role in the church? No, actually, she has a much more important role in the churches than most folks realize, or consider, and the women in our churches,in many ways, are much more important to the body as a whole, than a teacher or a preacher. I hope to expound and explain that statement   in this chapter.

In regards to preaching, Paul called it ‘foolishness”, so It’s easy to agree that most anyone can preach, and most any one, given a lesson plan, or those popular little pamphlets used by churches worldwide, can teach a Sunday school class. It takes no degree or seminary certification.

The role of the women in the church is profound. She is a teacher. In Paul’s epistles, she is to teach and guide the younger women in the church. It indicates Paul asserts to me that women and men should be segregated in Bible study and teaching, but not worship and praise.
Paul said a woman should not teach or usurp authority over a MAN in the church. This does not exclude her from teaching and guiding the younger women, and children. Indeed, Women and MOTHERS are the first one to introduce a child to Jesus.

I can write a sermon or lesson plan in a matter of minutes. No doubt there are women who can do the same thing. After 20 minutes or so of talking I’m done. Not so for the women in the church.

There is no way I could keep my sanity for two hours in a room full of laughing, playing, screaming, crying toddlers every Sunday so others can listen and learn the Gospel.
Women have a special ability for that. I’ve never saw a man who could endure such an environment for long.

Understanding the the gospel starts long before one hears it. I got saved at the age of nine. I had never heard a whole lot of preaching, or folks talking about Jesus, but I sure heard the woman that raised me preach to me, and ( I call her mama) talk about Jesus many many times.
I did not know it at the time, but she was the daughter of a Baptist minister. and the first person I heard the gospel from, and the first person who ever demonstrated the love of Jesus, and explained salvation to me.
MAMA was my first preacher, and the kitchen table was her pulpit.
So if you are a woman reading this,  next time you find yourself thinking your role, or your duties in the church are not important, reconsider the MEN, and “the foolishness of preaching”, next to the powerful influence a mother has on a child. No man can substitute, or even imitate such an influence.  No doubt Paul was fully aware of this.


One thought on “Women’s role in the Church: Mama’s pulpit

  1. carmy19

    I have heard of Perry Stone and saw a preaching or two of his on TBN.

    I would agree that a woman’s role as a mother is of great significance, and one of great value too. Perhaps in a patriarchal society it is not expressed as such, but instead it is viewed as a mediocre and weak role. Women, as mothers have the potential to mould us into exceptional leaders in society. And mothers whose beliefs are strongly founded on the word of God, what a privilege it would be to be raised by such a woman? God has bestowed upon her a trust and an honour to help shape another being.

    I think Perry Stone and others who follow in his opinion that Paul’s confirmation of God’s divine order is outdated , err in that they rob women of knowing the importance of their God given role as nurturers and teachers of young minds who would later become influential adult minds of society.

    I believe that the feminist world view has been imposed upon the Church. Feminism demands gender equality in the work place, and accuses the Church of not being fair to women in allowing them to fill pastor and preacher offices which are generally salaried positions.

    The Church has been called an oppressor to women, but the real oppression is a world view that undermines God’s respect and love for His Creation. Adam had a role to tend to the Garden and Eve was his helpmeet. She would also bear children and care for them. Each had a role that was significant and valuable, and both important in God’s plan and purpose.

    It is sad that some church leaders feel the need to conform to the erroneous assumptions made by feminists. Their view does not give credence to the authority of the Bible which depicts God’s plan for mankind.

    We remember that every word in the Bible is inspired by God, and every word is relevant for eternity as God promises that His word is eternal. The scripture in question was addressed to the early Church and still applies to us today and always.


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