An essay of mild discontent about the futility and vanity of “religion” in light of the cross.

For those who believe their good deeds and their “religion” will get them to heaven. I ask you.. Do you really believe the works of your hands, and acts of piety will justify you to approach the throne of the Holy, Righteous God? A God who cannot have sin in his presence? What will you do religious one? How will you impress him? … Will you fashion him a gift? A gift made from material created by him long before you? Do you think that will impress him, and justify you?Will you make him a cake? Bake him sweet cookies, and eat them in his honor? Food he blessed you to have? Do you think that will work?.

Will you make a work of art for him religious man? A painting perhaps? One painted using the skills and materials he created and blessed you to have? Will that do it you think?

Will you send him silver and gold? Diamonds perhaps? products of his own creation? Will you mail them to him? UPS perhaps?
Will you do good works oh religious man? Feed the hungry with food God gave you? Are not good works common to all men? Are not good works a reasonable expectation in any “religion” and society ?.
Are not even atheists guilty of good works? Do you really think that your deeds in the flesh will justify you religious man?
Maybe you will you give away all your money oh religious one? Money given to you by the Blessings of a Righteous, Holy God? You know, it’s all his to begin with?.
Do you actually think giving him his own money back will impress him? Will that really make a difference? What will you do, oh religious man?

Will you pray every day? Sing his praises? once? twice? 5 times daily?, or constantly? Do you think that might do?
IF you do pray, will he respond to the pleadings of his fallen, sinful creation praying in its own name, by its own merits? Will he hear you oh religious man?
Perhaps you can set yourself apart, and distinguish yourself to him by piety and good works? Separate yourself away from and above all other men?
Will THAT justify you religious man? Think that might do the trick? Will God be a respecter of persons and acknowledge you? Will he be impressed, and show favor to you over his other creation? Do you think that will work? What will you do oh religious man?

Will you cut yourself? Beat yourself as punishment for your own sins, abusing the very image of God, his creation, made in his image, your body, will that be enough? Do you think that might do it religious man?.

..Will you travel the world telling everyone about God using the strength and skills, knowledge, and voice God gifted you with to begin with? Do you think that will justify you to a Holy God? Will it religious man?
Will you deny sin oh religious man? Cease from sins and make yourself perfect by your own power? Is that possible? and if it is possible, how will you atone for PAST sins? What’s the plan religious man? What will you do?

Oh what will you do religious one? Will you offer up your own sinful blood as an atonement for the sins and shortcomings of your life? Will you offer him fallen creation’s sinful blood to redeem fallen creations sins? Will you try to wipe the sin slate clean with the filthy rags of your own works? What are you going to do oh religious man?
Will you build a stairway to heaven religious man? Will you build a tower perhaps, and climb your way to heaven? What will you do oh religious man?
Will you devise rituals and ceremonies on his behalf religious man? Light votive candles in his honor? Do you think it will impress him? If God had a mother, Do you really think appealing to her will work? Do you know her? If she could, why would she vouch for you?

Will you baptize? Or be baptized in his name? Will that do it? Do you think tap water will wash away sins oh religious one? Will the Creek water maybe do the trick?
…Will you take a poll, and give the results to God, showing that you are a good person? Will he acknowledge the opinion of the crowd? Will that work? Will you mail him the results religious man? Just what are you going to do religious one?.
Ohh, religious one, religion will not justify you before a Holy Righteous creator. A fallen creation has nothing to offer a perfect God.

Fallen, imperfect creation cannot approach the throne of the Righteous Holy God, the perfect creator of all things, on its own merit. It is not possible oh religious man.

God cannot have sin in his presence. In our fallen condition, we cannot approach him on our own merits. We cannot go to him. That is impossible religious man. But God did for us what fallen man could not, and never can do. He came to US. AS ONE OF US. He loves us that much. Don’t you see religious man? It’s not about what we do for him, it’s about what he did for US.

God, in his unfathomable, unconditional love for fallen man, his creation, made a way for fallen creation to be reconciled to himself. A perfect way. The only way. The only way needed or necessary. He assumed the form of his creation. He did this through a veil. Through the veil of the flesh of The Lord Jesus Christ. Now, by faith in him, we can approach the Throne of Grace by JESUS merit, not our own.

God requires innocent blood to atone for the sins of the guilty. That is his immutable law. He fulfilled his own Law. He loves us so much that he provided this innocent blood HIMSELF. HIS sacrifice to atone for the sins of his creation. He did this in the body of his Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy Lamb of God.

God, in his eternal love for us, did for us what we can’t do for him. Making himself a little lower than the angels, he came to us in the body of Jesus Christ. He assumed the form of his own creation in order to redeem it. He took no shortcuts, he spared no misery, to redeem even the vilest of sinners with his own shed blood. He loves us that much oh religious man. Don’t you understand?

God dwells in the body of Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect, sinless, blameless life. He obeyed all 613 Jewish Laws right up to his death as a condemned man at the cross of Calvary. He did that for your sake religious man.

Ooh religious one, don’t you know that Jesus was MADE sin on your behalf? To accomplish what you CAN’T through “religion”?

Jesus gave what we can’t. His own innocent blood, willingly, voluntarily. He died that we might be reconciled to a perfect creator through HIS perfect work, and arose 3 days later.

Jesus redeemed fallen man LITERALLY in his own shed blood. He loves us that much religious man. Don’t you see?

In the darkness of the day of his crucifixion, alone on the cruel cross, all the sins of creation were placed on Jesus on our behalf. Jesus was judged “guilty” as an innocent man for all the sins of humanity. He died the most horrible death ever invented by man, so that no one can say “he didn’t die for all”. The innocent for the guilty. A sinless, perfect sacrifice, pleasing and acceptable to a Holy God. By this voluntary sacrifice, fallen man was then reconciled to a justly offended Creator. Jesus loves you THAT much. The price was paid in full. Nothing can be added to the finished, perfect Work of Jesus at Calvary.

Jesus died on a cruel cross just outside the gates of Jerusalem. After he died, Jesus descended into the depths of the Earth to Hell’s gates ,with the sins of all humanity, past, present and future on his shoulders.. Upon his arrival, satan had no charges against the person of Jesus. By his perfect life, Jesus had fulfilled the law. Hell couldn’t hold him. As such, satan had to surrender his keys and authority to Jesus Christ. On that dark day of the Crucifixion. It was a dark day for satan as well. Hell and the grave were defeated. His dominion was over. Our sins were forgiven.

Jesus then presented himself to the Saints in Paradise. These were the ones who died believing BEFORE the cross. These were saved by faith in him before he came to die for them.. Jesus took them to heaven with him. “Paradise” is now empty.

3 days after his death, Jesus walked out of his tomb. He did this to show his power and authority over death and the grave, and demonstrated that through him, by faith in him, relying on his merits alone,and HIS work, we too shall defeat death by the power of His Resurrection.

 So what shall you do oh religious one? Will you still rely on ritual and ceremony in a pathetic, futile attempt to justify yourself to a Holy God?

 Will you count on your good works and merit to justify you oh religious man?

Jesus blood is the only way oh religious one. It is by his merits, and faith in his work, not our own, that fallen man is redeemed and reconciled to a Holy God..

Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life, NO MAN comes to the Father but by me” John 14;6 I ask you? .. is Jesus a liar? what shall you do religious one?




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