What would Jesus do?

                                                                                    What WOULD Jesus do?  

  “What would Jesus do.?” No doubt most all Christians hear this catch phrase repeated most every time they sit down in a church. 

My first thought after hearing “what would Jesus do?” For the first time was “who am I to presume?” and who are you to presume to know?.

 I cannot walk on water, heal the sick, or wake the dead in the grave, and make the wind and the sea obey my commands.

I am not the creator of the universe. I’m not God in the flesh. I cannot presume to know what my creator would do in a given circumstance or situation. I must use the scripture as my guide, not assumption, or presumption.

Jesus did something no man could do, he kept Moses law to his death. Can YOU do that?. Jesus lived a perfect life, then presented himself a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all men (Rom.5:6). Would YOU do that?  Then, after he was crucified, he rose from the grave by his own power three days later. (John 10:18). Can YOU do that?

 I can’t raise the dead or heal the sick, but I surely would not be able to find it in me to die on behalf of ungodly men (Rom.5:7). No, I can’t “do what Jesus did.” Nope, that one is way over my head. I can’t compare to him.

In my opinion, for me to presume to know what Jesus would do is an insult to his Power. An insult to his Holiness, and an insult to his perfection and Divinity. I don’t need to presume. He gives us instructions in the Bible.

You know, if you look at some of the things Jesus did, by the standard used in a lot of churches today, many today would call Jesus’ behaviors “judgemental”, or  “Un Christian.”

 I find it strange how folks too often like to remake Jesus in their own image, usually as some sort of wimpy, do good, passive, emasculated male. 

A careful reading of the scriptures and the account of  Jesus ministry reveals that, contrary to how many religions and churches like to teach, he was anything but that.

Strangely, while they preach SOME attributes of Jesus in their quest to get everyone to be like him, they totally ignore some of his OTHER attributes, and things he did that are recorded in the Bible. Reading the scriptures, one finds that Jesus did not waste many words on those he knew would not listen or respond to his message. Jesus calls people outside Judaism “dogs” in Matthew 15:26. Should we address others in such a manner?

 Jesus spoke condemnation to those who hated him, promising a “greater damnation” to the Pharisees, who would “cross land and sea to gain one convert, then make him double the child of hell that they were” (Matt. 23:14).  In one instance, Jesus calls the Pharisees “ye brood of vipers (Matt 23:33).” Most folks call that “insulant” and “judgemental”.  Jesus knew they were evil. Jesus knew these men wanted to kill him.  Jesus did not sweet talk rattlesnakes. Should you?

What would Jesus do?

Let’s look at Jesus anger in the temple. He turned tables over, made a whip of cords, and ran all the animals out of the temple in his anger and zeal. The most holy site in the world at that time, and here he goes “pitching a fit” making a whip, turning tables over, and running everyone out (Mark 11:15-19). Should YOU do that?  Jesus was righteous in his anger, and he was not a wimp. I do know that.

What would Jesus do? It is a mistake to try and conform yourself to an ideal of who Jesus is based upon a concept, popular notion, or assumption the world holds, or some TV preacher, church, or misinformed teacher has presented to you. Don’t try. You will only end up confused and frustrated. Read your Bible, and don’t live your life based on other folk’s opinions and perceptions, or on false, or just plain wrong assumptions. We don’t have to presume, we have the Word of God. Read it for guidance and wisdom.


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