Foreword to “becoming a Common sense Christian”

The purpose of this writing, and the books to come, is to give you what few Christians get at their local church, a good “common sense” understanding of Grace, their faith, and HOW to read, and understand the Bible.

It saddens me to see today’s churches, for the most part, literally starving their members doctrinally by feeding them tidbits and bits and pieces of doctrine that they cannot put together in “fitly framed”, coherent, easily explainable doctrine that they can articulate with authority and confidence.

In my day to day relationships with fellow Christians I see many who are basically confused, and have barely an elementary understanding of the Grace which saves them. I fault the church for this. Many churches today focus on tithing, not teaching, and programs, not preaching. From what I have observed, most have teachers who are barely, or not grounded in doctrine themselves.

I once sat in on a Bible study at a neighborhood church. The teacher was a degreed youth minister. He did not know how the Apostle Paul was killed. I was totally in awe. I could not believe this man, a so called teacher, in a church with over 600 members in attendance on Sundays, did not know how the Grace age Saints Apostle died. It dawned on me that that a degree doesn’t make a man an expert. His nievety is a testimant to the ignorance prevalent in our churches, and our world today.

As a teacher, and speaker, it is my goal NOT to gain followers, or folks that agree with me, or to start a fan club, or set myself up as some Bible guru. No, that’s not what this book is about. My goal is firstly, to help people understand and enjoy the blessings of free grace and the peace and security in Christ Jesus. Once understood, my second goal is teach others to teach.

On a personal note, I have had some well grounded men teach me throughout my life, who understood God’s grace, and the importance of sharing the simplicity and life changing power of God’s unconditional love. You will notice the doctrines contained in this book are in a commentary style. I strive to present this in plain, easy to read language with few references. I see no point in drowning you in scriptural proofs most won’t take the time to read anyway. I encourage you to “be a Berean” and confirm this with your own study of a King James Bible. Why a KJV? Because even subtle differences in words, or omissions from the KJV text can result in misunderstanding and unsound doctrine. It is that important.

Again, this book is for the new Christian, Pastors and teachers, and the struggling Christian who seeks to learn more, and seeks sound doctrine. It is purposefully short, for easy reading. I’m planting seeds here, not watching the crop from planting to harvest. Many of the things I present here will ruffle feathers, and shake the very foundations of many people’s doctrines, and my hope is the reader gains helpful insight and understanding, or confirmation of their own understanding of the Bible.

As a good teacher should, I strongly encourage you to “search the scriptures, to see if such things are true”, and confirm it for yourself. My prayer is that you will come to the understanding of just what free Grace is, and experience the life transforming power that accompanies such an understanding of Jesus unfathomable, unconditional love. “Focus on your grace, not your guilt. Focus on your faith, not your failures, focus on your salvation, not your sins, and HIS work, on your behalf, not your own, and REST in his love, mercy and grace. God bless you!


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