Do babies go to heaven?

Do babies go to heaven? Of course they do!

Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14.

Here is a short, “common sense Christian” explanation.

Consider this: There’s at least two books mentioned in scripture. The “book of life”, for Old Testament, tribulation and mellinial reign Saints, and the “Lamb’s book of life”.
The Lamb’s book of life is for Grace Saints, “the Lamb’s wife”, up to the Rapture. As an innocent, from the moment of conception, our God given names, not our birth names, but God’s personal name for each of us only he knows, were placed in the “Book of Life”.

An excellent Biblical example of a dead child going to heaven is the story of King David losing his son. (2 Sam. 12:23).

King David was a man after God’s own heart, and he will rule over Israel during the Mellinial reign of Christ. But like all human beings, King David had his faults. He committed adultery, and paid a terrible price for it.

King David lost his son as part of his judgement for adultery with Bathsheba. After prayer and fasting during the time of the child’s sickness, when he heard his son was dead, he essentially ended his grief, saying “I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” (2 Sam 12:23).
King David knew his son was in heaven. His child died as a result of His father’s crime (2 Sam 12:14). But God made provision for that child. David’s son is in heaven right now. But that provision would not have been possible without the shed blood of Jesus at Calvary.
Had not Jesus came and died for us, the Father would have not had the ability to impute righteousness unto this child. Now, after Calvary, Jesus has been given all power and authority in heaven and on earth, and Jesus is the supreme judge and advocate and the only Saviour for mankind. (matt 28:18, John 10:22). Be reminded that God no longer works his judgement in the way he did with King David. The blood of Jesus reconciled us unto the Father. His wrath was appeased at Calvary. The sons no longer die for the sins of the fathers.

So how did David’s child make it to heaven?

When we became aware of the law, and our lost condition by HEARING the Gospel, our name was removed. Our only hope after that point, as an accountable, knowledgable person, was faith in the shed blood of Jesus. Under his blood, after hearing and believing the Gospel of grace, and making a CONSCIOUS, deliberate decision to trust Jesus blood, and his finished work as our only justification, our name is now in the “Lamb’s book of life”, never to be removed. Babies are written down in “The Book of Life”.

The “Lamb’s book” is for those who live and die in the dispensation of Grace, and only those who have made a conscious decision to accept Christ as their Savioir and Lord.
It is not mentioned in the scriptures until after the cross, so it’s logical to presume Abraham, David, and David’s son are in the “Book of life”.

As a just God, God’s Grace can save anyone he chooses, including the unborn, and innocent toddlers, children and others incapacitated. Jesus shed blood at calvary permits this action on our behalf.

But God cannot save those who consciously reject the Gospel, they’ve condemned themselves. NOT everyone, whether they believe or not, as Billy Graham preaches, is saved. It is better to have lived and died never hearing the gospel, than to hear it and reject it.

BUT, as stated earlier, only the blood of Jesus allows that reconciliation to be possible. David’s son never heard the gospel, but likewise, he never knew the law, or transgressed it, nonetheless, the penalty of sin was IMPUTED to him through no act, or fault of his own, because of Adam’s transgression. (Rom 5:12-13).
Conversely, as an innocent, he was also saved through no act of his own by the blood of Jesus, which he poured out for him at Calvary some 1000 years later.

Just as God imputed sin unto David’s son because of Adam’s transgression, because of the shed blood of Jesus, God the Father also has full authority to impute righteousness unto him for Christ’s sake, not anything he did or did not do. This is how David’s son went to heaven. (Eph 2:8-9, Rom 5:12)

Abraham’s bosom:

Abraham’s bosom was the place the Old Testament saints went after death. The bosom of Abraham is empty, It was cleared of OT saints soon after Jesus death and resurrection from the grave. They are with Jesus now.
David’s son, and the OT saints waited in the Bosom of Abraham (Sheol, Paradise) there until Calvary, and now, they are all with Jesus in heaven, as are Enoch and Elijah.

Note that Abraham never heard the gospel of grace, it didn’t exist in his time, nor did The Lamb’s book of Life, but we know he’s in heaven. To think there are innocent babies in hell because of circumstances they had no control over, or not hearing and accepting the gospel from a conscious, intellectual standpoint, defys the character and nature of our JUST, loving, merciful God.

God has made provision for these children, I believe that’s why Jesus said heaven is full of little children. That being said, those in “the Book of Life” will have a different position in the eternal Kingdom, and will not enjoy the same type personal intimacy with Christ Jesus that WE will.

They aren’t part of the Bride, the Lamb’s wife, (rev 21:27 “only those in the Lamb’s book of life shall enter in”), they’re friends of the Bridegroom, just as the OT saints, and those AFTER the dispensation of Grace will be.

Note that The “Book of Life” is the only book mentioned in association with judgement after the tribulation, these being the judgement of the nations, “the sheep/goat judgement at the second coming, and the Great White Throne judgement, 1007 years after the dispensation of Grace has ended. Also note, the “Lamb’s book of life” is never mentioned in association with any judgements. Before the Second Coming, We will be raptured, examined, and rewarded according to our works at the Bema seat Judgement, but not concerning salvation, only believers will be there, those in “The Lamb’s Book of Life”.

Concerning salvation, We were judged by the law, and justified by the Blood of Jesus the day we got saved.
In summary, only those who HEAR and believe the Gospel of Grace in this dispensation will be in “The Lamb’s Book of life” For the innocents and unborn, and those saints in any past or future dispensations, they will be in “The Book of Life”. Our salvation is so precious to God, he keeps a written record, objective documentation for any challenger. Hope this helps.


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