November 10, the Birthday of the United States Marine Corps

I ‘d hate to see a world without the Marine Corps. From fighting muslims in Tripoli, to muslims in Fallujah 230 years later, the Marines have never failed to take an objective. General Norman Swchwartzcof used the power of our reputation alone, and the presence of 18 thousand Marines just off the coast of Kuwait to prompt Saddam Hussein to commit his elite republican gaurd to Kuwait, allowing the 24th ID to slam the back door shut and have the biggest turkey shoot in modern history, on the highway of death between Iraq and Kuwait. When the Marines showed up off Kuwait, it was already over with. The 24th Army Infantry Division and Marines on the ground mopped the floor with the Republican gaurd. Most of the 2d MARDIV Marines never had to get off the boat, because their reputation alone accomplished a lot, and prevented much bloodshed. The Republican gaurd DID NOT want to fight us, but there was a projected 50-70% casualty rate had the Marines landed on the shores of Kuwait. 104 hours after a diversionary attack on a harbor in Kuwait, carried out by Navy artillary and Navy seals , it was all over, with many American lives spared. This same scenario, and the fact that the Marines have never failed to seize the objective, was also used on D day 75 yrs ago, and worked as a bluff to Hitler. We mopped the floor with the Germans there too. My oath does not expire, and I’m proud to have earned the title “Marine”! Happy Birthday Marines!


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