Defending your faith as a Christian. The liberty of a miracle.

I often debate evolutionists and atheists. While it’s a given that atheists and evolutionists will deny a six day creation, and call Jesus Resurrection a myth, Or an outright lie, all too often I run into BELIEVERS who say that they believe Jesus rose from the dead according to the scriptures, but then take issue with the Genesis scriptural account of a literal 6/24 hour day creation week.

 I cannot understand how one can believe the scriptures about the resurrection of Jesus, LITERALLY, but not believe the LITERAL creation account as read in the same Scriptures.

 It boggles my mind. 

 Objectively speaking, It seems to me that a man who possesses the power to defy death, and reverse the laws of nature would be much harder to accept than that a story of an unseen God creating the universe and everything in it in six 24 hour days.

 How can a person say they believe one part of the Bible that sounds absolutely incredible to a non believer, the Resurrection, but deny the other part that records a 6 day creation? It makes no sense to me. 

 The following is a rebuttal I have used many times in the past.

It has stopped many doubting Christians and evolutionists dead in their tracks, and left atheists hissing and spitting, and cursing and crawling back into their holes.
It is simple and profound, and to date, I have never had anyone give me a coherent rebuttal to it. This came from my own experiences, and my own conclusions at a time when I was wrestling with the Genesis account of the creation week.

I have used this response, and the ones that follow many times over the years. It is very effective.

 While this response points believers back to the Saviour. It also drives atheists and evolutionists absolutely bonkers. They cannot stand for you to bring up the resurrection of Jesus, mainly because It brings points to the table that few atheists want to, or are even prepared to address or refute, and when it happens, the ball game is over. Go ahead and put up the mop, and take out the trash. Pack up the balls and bats. At this point, the debate has ended. You have pricked his heart, strengthened onlooking believers, and shared the Gospel. 

 This is a bit short, but basically, this response also explains some of the the similarities and profound differences between a believer, and an atheist or evolutionist.

 Paul the Apostle said “If Christ be not risen, your faith is in vain, and ye are still in your sins”, (1 Corinthians 15:17), confirming the Resurrection, a documented miracle. This is the foundation rock of Christianity, a miracle. Paul bet the farm on the Resurrection, and chose to give up his head to Nero Ceaser rather than deny his witness of the risen Christ. 11 of The 12 Apostles also chose death before recanting their witness of the risen Christ. John was the only Apostle who was not martyred, but not from a lack of persecution. The Romans boiled him alive and he was unhurt, so they exiled him to Patmos. 

 John died a natural death at an age of well over a hundred

These men’s testimony, as well as Jesus himself, gives the Christian, relying on confirmed, verifiable historical documents, and the full liberty of miracles and metaphysical events to explain his faith. 

Furthermore, as strictly historical accounts, the Old Testament and New Testament are the most accurate, verifiable and confirmed texts known to man. 

 By their own admission though, the atheist and evolutionist does not have such historical documentation, not the liberty of  “miracles” to explain his faith.

 By his own belief system, he can only rely on “the scientific method”, which makes no provision for the unseen, yet tangible, also known as the metaphysical or spiritual. 

Ironically, his faith in “the scientific method” is the foundation rock of his faith. This is his idol.

He will confirm to you that he cannot use the metaphysical or supernatural without admitting a measure of faith in the unseen or the unknown.

 The hypocrisy in all this is that while he is denying faith, he will invariably admit his faith, such as his belief in the “big bang” and “mother nature”,  just to name a few. They adamantly deny faith outwardly, yet their whole belief system is grounded in faith. And a great deal of it as well. But, if he acknowledges THAT, he opens a door to faith in God, basically admitting that it is possible that there IS a God, hence no denial, and he’s defeated his own argument. Game over. 

 Again, “The liberty of the supernatural” approach I have used in “reasoning” with atheists and evolutionists in the past is this one, which usually comes after an acknowledgement of my faith, it goes something like this, and it was refined in part by watching the Dawkins/Lennox debates:

“The Christian faith IS based on a miracle, a documented confirmed one at that. It is the most confirmed, documented and historically verifiable event in human history, that of a man, Jesus of Nazareth, dying on a cross, being buried in a borrowed tomb, and coming back from the dead after three days, by his own power (John 10:17). Once risen, he then proclaimed “all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth” (Matt 28:18).
Moreover, he promises that all who believe, and follow him will be resurrected, by his power unto him, and live forever after. (John 11:20-26 KJV).

No one would argue that coming back to life after three days dead can be called a “miracle.” Especially a man who had been beaten almost to death, then crucified, and died before many witnesses. On top of this, after death, he was pierced through both lungs and his heart. 

 As a Christian, I would be a fool to not believe that a man who has the power to reverse the laws of nature, and do the same for others, also has full power and authority to do pretty much whatever he chooses, to whatever or whoever he chooses, in whatever manner so suits him, whenever he takes the notion, so a six day creation is a no brainer for me. I believe it just as confidently as I believe Jesus rose from the dead.

  I don’t know all the details, my finite mind has a limited grasp. But God said it, that’s good enough. I cannot deny it.

No authentic Christian can deny the Resurrection either, he is unable to, powerless to do so. Denial of it is not in his Constitution or his nature. He will die before denying his Saviour. 

As a Christian so resolutely believes the Resurrection, he is also strengthened by the knowledge that death no longer has any power over him. 

 By contrast, the atheist or evolutionist is just as resolute in his faith, but gleans no strength or comfort from his faith. Outwardly, he must claim to rely strictly on the “scientific method”, yet he too has a faith based belief, but unlike the Christian, or creationist, he does not have the liberty of miracles.

He also has no evidence. Only a “theory”, “a philisophical leaning”. “Natural selection” is the foundation rock of his faith. But besides his feelings and “opinion”, he has no proof, no promise, no hope, and no future.
In this life, as long as he holds to his beliefs, The atheist can be assured of only one thing, and this fate is a certainty he cannot deny: IF he is right, All he has to look forward to is death.
If he is wrong, again all he has to look forward to is death, but an eventual judgement, then condemnation, and eternal separation from a loving, merciful Creator. 

 Either way, his fate remains the same because he has denied Jesus, his only way of Salvation and eternal life. 

 In closing, the atheist, who must rely solely on the “scientific method”, has a belief system, but won’t admit it. Yet he has no evidence, No proof. No promise, no hope, and no future. All he has to look forward to is death, and eternal separation from a loving Creator God. 

 You will never hear an atheist say “ok, you’ve convinced me”, “you win”. Never. So don’t ever make winning the debate your goal, make sharing the truth of the Gospel, the Resurrection of our Saviour your goal.

You will not convert him on the spot, don’t expect that either, but just as vinegar can crumble limestone, so can the Gospel eventually crumble a heart of stone. 

With this simple rebuttal, which is profound on so many levels, you will share the Gospel, and also strengthen and empower other Christians, who will use this response in defending their faith for the rest of their lives.


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