Chronological snobbery and Chronological arrogance: Two of the biggest lies of the past century

This post is an introduction, and will expose a lie that most all of us have been taught in school, from our youth, and many of us are guilty, through ignorance of teaching the same.

It is a two headed beast, A favorite lie of universities and colleges, as well as “modern science”. 

These are just two of the biggest lies of the past century, they have darkened many people’s ability to understand history, evaluate evidence, and find the truth.


You will find a more in depth explanation pertaining to this in another post on this blog “debating an atheist, and  rules of evidence”.


  Many times in debates one will hear “that was so long ago, there are no credible witnesses” as a way of discrediting age old information simply because of its age. Bullfeathers.  

This is often referred to as “Chronological arrogance”, and it is a lie often used in debates. All our universities and schools teach this lie also. It is a monumental fallacy. 


The other head of this beast is often referred to as Chronological snobbery. 

Basically it is the assertion that folks that lived long ago were morons, or at best, were not as smart as we are, or able to learn as we do,  or were of inferior intelligence to us today.

A quick example is “cave men”, or “knuckle draggers”  This too is a lie. 

Archeological evidence proves the existence of high technology right on back to the Egyptians over 3500 years ago, and beyond. They, and people before them accomplished things that we haven’t even been able to figure out how to do, much less duplicate.


There are examples of such intelligence throughout the world.  One such place you can find proof of such is at or “ooparts” on the web.

 The Bible says  “there is nothing new under the sun”. That was written thousands of years ago, and it is still true today.  


Few people today understand how the age of evidence affects its credibility.  I will try and explain it in simple terms. To further understand it, please take  a look at “a lawyers defense of Christianity” on the web. It is a great lecture, especially the Question and Answer part afterwards. I urge you to go there now if you can. It will be the best 45 minute lecture you’ve ever heard.


Basically what constitutes Chronological arrogance is the belief that a 2000 year old document cannot be trusted or believed because it is so old, and the older a written testimony is, the less credibility they attribute to it. Truth is, it is the exact opposite.

The very age of a document, such as the Bible is a testament to its credibility, why? Because the LONGER a testimony stands without a credible rebuttal, the more credibility that is given to it. Why is that?

It’s pretty simple actually. The presence of hostile verifiers at the time of the writing, and throughout its existence would have quickly exposed it as a lie, or offered a rebuttal.


Any written lie is always exposed for what it is, and that usually within a short time.   The Bible has had over three thousand years of hostile verification. It has no credible rebuttal. You can depend on its accuracy.


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