Eternal security: My Salvation defined.

My works are a RESULT of my salvation, and regeneration. 

I serve my Saviour Jesus out of LOVE and GRATITUDE, not fear of rejection, or compulsion, or obligation. I am eternally secure in him. 

His spirit guides and corrects me, motivates and restrains me, and my behaviours are driven by the knowledge that one day I will stand before him, face to face, and give account, but even then, my salvation won’t be the issue, but my service, and my rewards, if any.

It’s impossible for me to go to hell. I have total liberty to live and do as I please. So why don’t I? My new nature? Ehh, partly, but the spirit still wars against the flesh. Conscience? A lot of it, but mainly, Because I KNOW I will stand before my Saviour, face to face one day, and give account, and although I KNOW it will not be in regards to salvation, because my sins will not be held against me, all past, present and future sins are already totally forgiven, but I don’t want to stand ashamed before him. That’s one of MY motivators, not fear of condemnation or obligation, or debt, or cumpulsion. 

  25 yrs ago, when I came to realize just what free grace meant, (which is NOT what most churches and pastors teach today,) it was truly liberating, a burden lifted, and humbling at the same time. I went from serving the Lord because of feeling compelled by the church, or obligation, (“I owe him”)>, to serving him because of love and gratitude for what he has done for me. Sure, Paul says we should strive for Holiness in our daily living, but its the MOTIVATION for doing so that makes the difference between victory and a constant daily battle between the flesh and the spirit. Many “religions” teach good works and righteousness, that is a reasonable expectation in any religion or society, but for the true grace believer, its a matter of love and gratitude, not a list of rules and compulsion, or fear of condemnation, or loss of salvation.


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