A letter to my daughter at graduation

James E Dixon

To my daughter on her High School Graduation

I remember how you cried the day you got on the bus for the first time. It  broke my heart to see you go. Seems like yesterday. I’m glad to see you enjoyed your High School experience, and I’m glad to see the smile on your face now that it’s all done. I’m so proud of you I cannot put it into words. I’m proud of who you’ve become, and proud of your ambition. I love you with all my heart darling. 

I hope that in the years to come, this little bit of advice will prove more valuable to you than the money enclosed in this envelope. Keep it handy, read it from time to time, pass it down to your children and remember your father’s love for you, and the love our Lord Jesus has for all of us. 

Friends: Best way to lose one is to loan them money. This includes boyfriends. Don’t expect too much from your friends, or your family. People will fail you, they will let you down, and you will do likewise. Love them anyway. Friends are better than money.  Never value your differences with someone more than you value your friendship.
Help a friend when you can, but not at the expense of your own financial, or emotional well being. This includes boyfriends. 
Life is NOT fair. Don’t expect it to be. Adjust, adapt and overcome.

It is NOT a perfect world, and no one has led a charmed life. No one. 

Count your blessings, not your curses.

Don’t judge or condemn your friends, but remember, you are judged by the company you keep.

If you try to pull a friend out of a ditch, remember, you will get mud on you too in the process. Avoid negative people. Avoid negative people. Avoid folks with a temper.

 Avoid gossips. They will talk about you too.

Help  a friend if you can, but don’t allow someone to become your “project”. This includes boyfriends.

You cannot rescue the world, don’t try. Avoid being a “rescuer”. Give what you can easily afford, emotionally also. Don’t expect anything in return. Friendships are like plants, cultivate them.

Men:  They aren’t complicated, seriously. Pet ‘em, feed ‘em. Don’t nag. Don’t call or text unless he texts you first. And then don’t be in a hurry about it. You can tell a lot about a man’s character by the way he treats his mother, his  sister, children and animals. Avoid a man with few friends, or a loner, and if he seems too nice to be true, he is.

If he lives at home with mom, that’s ok depending on his situation, You’ll know where he is at night, and his mom will hold him accountable. Don’t date a man that doesn’t have a job. 

TIME; It is the most precious commodity there is. Your time is YOUR time. Be careful how you spend it. Avoid over commitment. Give yourself time. If you want to meet for lunch at twelve, tell ‘em twelve thirty. Get your rest. Naps are the key to a long life, but sleep begets more sleep. Get up, make your bed, and get dressed every day. Keep a battery in your alarm clock. 

Folks will steal your time if you let them. Don’t try to get too much done in one day. Set priorities daily, but don’t worry about yesterday, or tomorrow, or next week. Make plans, but remember, tomorrow is not promised to us, and a thousand things can change between now and next week. Focus on the day, and the task at hand.

Celebrate your successes, and don’t beat your self up over failures. 90% of everything you do in life won’t turn out the way you expect. Be flexible.

It’s ok to change your mind. About anything.

Family: Will be there when no one else is. Spend time with your family. You can always go home, even when you aren’t getting along. Jesus and mama will always love you. Dad will too.

 Study:  It’s like paint. The more coats, the better the finish. Read over everything from class as soon as you can AFTER class, then devote more time than you think you will need to study.. Review, review, review. Avoid distractions, even if you have to be a butt hole about it. Life is a continual learning experience, get used to studying.

 Don’t follow the crowd very far. They usually end up in the ditch after a while. Same thing with the Jones’es. You’ll meet them coming back. Avoid materialism. Be content with what is sufficient at the time. It will save you money and a lot of headaches. Everything that glitters is not gold.

WORK: Give yourself more time than you need to get there. Mentally prepare yourself for work on the way. Check your tires before you drive off. Show up early, like time enough to enjoy a cup of coffee early. Your boss will like it, and you will be better prepared, and perform better throughout your work day.

Fish, hunt, have fun: It’s one of the the best memories you can have with family and friends.

Your mother and I love you with all our hearts, CONGRATULATIONS DARLING!!



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