Mother’s day message 5/19/13

What a beautiful message James. Mom’s will be abundantly blessed by it. And I know they would understand how important their office is in the eyes of the Lord, and not in view of the world.

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James E Dixon The “OFFICE” of a mother.

 As I compiled this message today, the Lord revealed a lot of things to me about the uniqueness, and special qualifications of a mother. I came to realize that it is, literally, an “office” for which a woman is uniquely qualified, and there is no substitute.


A mother is like no other creature. There is none like her. She is the most unselfish, giving human being on earth. The bedrock of humanity is based upon a MOTHER’S love.


 Read the book of Solomon, and the two women contesting the Child. 1 Kings 3;16.


Now many folks think this woman was unique, but she was no different than any other mother who had given birth to a child. I have no doubt that IF this child had belonged to the OTHER woman, she Also would have done the same.


Much of a mothers sacrifices, and toils, and worries go un noticed, and rarely acknowledged or appreciated. But that doesn’t change them. They continue to love unconditionally, to give without expectation, and forgive before it is even asked of them.

 Each of us needs to tell mama or ANY mother, just how much shes appreciated every day.


Most men, and women have no idea how much their mama loves them until they get older and have their own children. It is then that they can “walk a mile in her shoes”. To some degree at least. This was my experience also..


  Mama didnt tell me just how unique and special she was. She didnt tell me she was like no other. I had to learn that on my own.


 For me, on a personal level, I didnt understand how much my own mother loved me until i becam an adult, and had children of my own.

 (elaborate on early life and circumstances)


For many years, I was bitter towards my mother.

My childhood bitterness carried over into my adult life. Because of this bitterness, I refused, or ignored many opportunities to see her, and visit with her. TIME with her. I robbed her of opportunities to hold her grand babies, and for my children to bond with her as a paternal grandmother. I robbed my children, and my mother of TIME. Time is the most precious commodity we have. As an adult now, with my life half spent, that becomes more and more clear to me each day. I wish I had spent more time with my mother.


I felt like she had abandoned me. But nothing was further from the truth. I know now, she carried me in her heart till the day she died, and now she is with Jesus. I take comfort in the fact that I WILL see her again, and in heaven, she won’t hold it against me. I know this, and all that will be forgotten. I regret my grudge. I regret my bitterness. I can’t change the past, but I can change the future, and teach my own children to never be bitter, and dont ever harbor a grudge, or anger for any length of time, against ANYBODY. Doing so is self destructive, and robs you of time, and memories with loved ones.  


 As I grew in my walk with the Lord, and came to terms with my past, and my childhood circumstances, I saw that God had blessed me with TWO GOOD MOTHERS, and TWO GOOD FATHERS. That realization came with a mixture of sadness, and joy. Sadness that I had been bitter in my ignorance for so long, and joy that God had loved me that much as to provide for me, even though did not realize it at the time.



 I want to go back to Ruth, and what Pastor Dyal was teaching on the past few sundays or so. Turn to the book of Ruth.1;8-16


Ruth wanted a better life for her daughter in laws. Back then, a daughter in law was LITERALLY considered a daughter. 


When you see how unselfish Ruth was with her daughter in laws, you can imagine her love and devotion to her OWN children.



Now lets look at Mary, the mother of Jesus.


Mary was a unique person in the history of mankind. In reading the scriptures, I’ve noticed that God often changed the NAME of a person when they were called, or specially commissioned for a particular office.Examples are Abraham, Jacob, and Paul the Apostle


All of these individuals were given special blessings, and in Paul’s case, special Powers by the Lord himself.


Such was not Marys case..


Mary didnt need a name change


Mary didnt need any special powers


Mary was already qualified, and fit to serve, as are ALL mothers. 


I can only deduce that her relationship with God was such that he saw no need to “mark” her in any way, or change her name. She was ALREADY serving him faithfully, and God used her as a fit vessel for his Son to come into the world.


Mary knew things about Jesus no one else knew. She knew him as a human being, and as God in the flesh like no one else did, or ever will know. From what I know, much of Lukes writings were based on interviews with his mother Mary.


Read Luke 1;28. 


God sends an angel to Mary, and gives her instructions, and tells her what she will name her son.

 Mary asks a question, a LOGICAL question, and unlike Zechariahs, or Sarai, God did not chasten her for it. It was a FAIR question.

 “be it unto me”. was Marys next response.


Now I want you to think about the times in which she lived under the Levitical law. She could have been stoned, or called a Harlot for what she had agreed to do.


Note also that she had a choice. Had she refused this commission, God would have used someone else.


 Now think about what she endured for the next nine months. The looks, the stares, the gossip, the rumors. I’m proud to see more mothers these days are enduring the same thing for the Lord’s sake. Yes, Mary can identify with the unwed mother, and is an excellent witness to women who have children out of wedlock these days


 Marys path wasnt an easy one, but she did it for the Lord’s sake, and I only wish I could have the faith she did to endure like she did.


Now read luke 2;51


. “his mother kept the matter in her heart”. ALL mothers “keep matters in their hearts” and thats a wonderful thing.

 I know a lot of men who wouldnt trust their father, but Ive never met a man who wouldnt trust mama with all he had, more so than even his wife. I am thankful we have Mothers, who can be trusted above all other people.



Now read John chapter 2, Jesus’s first recorded miracle.


  Mary knew his power, and the language between them is such as to lead one to believe they could finish each others sentences. They had a very close mother/son relationship.


 Notice Jesus says “my time has not yet come”.. Here is the creator of the universe, the God of all creation, in the flesh, making exception for MAMA. Nobody loves you like mama huh? LOL!


Now lets move to the crucifixion. John 19;17 It finds Mary at the foot of the cross. Watching her son die for the sins of the world.When they had him up, the FIRST THING Jesus took care of was MAMA.


Jesus addresses several things, and groups from the cross, but he takes care of Mama. Because Jesus was a condemned man, his mother would lose all her possessions, including house and lands. (describe the way a condemned man forfeited all property).


At his resurrection, again Mary was there, and the first person Jesus spoke to. I can’t imagine the joy she felt.


Now, again, as i stated earlier, many folks think Mary was endowed with some special “motherly powers”. We’ve got religions that worship and pray to Mary as if she was someone special, but she wasn’t.



Mary was a REPRESENTATION of JUST HOW SPECIAL a GODLY MOTHER IS, and what a powerful role the woman plays in the life of a child.


(Discuss previous days graduation, and reflect on the speakers words about MOTHERS).


Discuss the role of Women in church today. in short “anybody can preach” but you cannot substitute, or replace a womans role in the church. Pastors come and go, but the women who cook the food, visit the sick, pray for the sin sick, and lost, visit nursing homes, and provide for their own families and husbands cannot be replaced.


I think the feminist movement in America has demeaned the office of a mother, and to that end, many young women dont fully understand the gravity of it, and the UNIQUE responsibilities that go along with being a mother, and a wife.


Closing: (talk about Perry Stones commentary on women teaching and exercising authority over men in the churches)


 Many folks “covet” offices in the church. I see women preachers on TV all the time. I am un impressed by any of them. Paul called preaching “foolishness” which tells me there are many other offices in the church that to many degrees are MORE important than being a pastor, the office of a MOTHER. If you are a mother, or plan to be a mother, remember it is a special, unique “office”, and a special blessing from God.


  Remember this, share this, teach this to your children and grandchildren.


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