Why the Sons of God were human

Why the Sons of God had to be human;

This post is a follow up to “the Nephilim, the sons of God in the Bible” which is posted earlier in this blog. I suggest reading it first to help deepen your understanding of what I will write here.

While there are many debates flying around about this topic, I have not saw many that would stand the scrutiny of the scriptures. Granted, everyone’s opinion is based upon inference, and this one is no different. I present this to you as food for thought, and study. Decide for yourself which of the theories you  buy into. This one makes the most sense, and is the simplest explanation. It also answers many questions in the Scriptures.

Trying to figure out who the Sons of God were exactly has many people dreaming up all sorts of explanations, and very few of them are sensible, or Biblical, or even logical.

I was literally drowned in scriptures by a group a few nights ago who thought the Sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6:4 were fallen angels. There are a bunch of things wrong with that opinion. There are so many things wrong with that idea, It would take two blog posts to explain it and expound on the errors. That is not the purpose of this post. I will present my opinion and let YOU decide which is the simplest explanation and makes the most sense.

First off, as mentioned in my Nephilim post in this blog, it takes two humans to make a human. That is common sense. Hitler and others through history have tried to produce “hybrid” humans. And they all failed. There is no record of God’s laws of DNA being broken, and Jesus says the angels don’t marry or give in marriage. There is no biblical support for an angel ever procreating. There is no reason to even entertain that idea.

That theory comes from “the living Bible” a heretical Mormon commentary I won’t even call a Bible. Many have bought into that because it is what they have always been taught. It is dead wrong. I pray they read and understand. Once again, read my Nephilim Sons of God post first, and you will more fully understand this one.

When I present my theory about the Sons of God, the first thing that always gets thrown my way is:

“If Adam and Eve had children in the garden before they sinned, then their children born before the fall did not have the sin nature, and did not sin, so they would not have needed a Saviour. Wrong. And here is why:

First off, let’s find a common denominator to help us define exactly WHAT a “Son of God” WAS.

The Sons of God in the Bible are mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 as “MEN of renown”  renown means highly honored, acclaimed and well known, so obviously that alone says they were not offspring of rebellious fallen angels, but I digress.

   Adam is called “the son of God” in Luke 3;38, and we all know our Lord Jesus is the living Son of God. So were going to allow the Word of God to define its own words  and examine just what it took to be a “son of God”.

The Sons of God, including Jesus have one common denominator. All three, Adam, Jesus AND the Sons of God in Genesis chapter six DID NOT HAVE THE SIN NATURE initially. Jesus did not have the sin nature of Adam because he was begotten by the Holy Ghost, Adam INITIALLY had no sin nature before he transgressed in the garden, and neither did any of his offspring born BEFORE his sin. Are you following? Hold on, bear with me.

I meditated on this and it occurred to me that in order for Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world, these Sons of God, born in the garden before the fall, HAD to be imputed sin and death, and the sin nature was imputed to them, just as sin and death was imputed to all creation, “so as by one man came sin and death, by Christ Jesus came forgiveness and eternal life”.

Even though they sinned not after the similitude of Adam. By virtue and precedent of the imputation of sin, death, and the sin nature unto the Sons of God,  who INITIALLY had no sin nature, and did not transgress, It made the redemption of man possible  because it was no longer a DNA issue, it was a children of Adam issue, and it qualified Jesus, who never had the sin nature of Adam, to die for all men, including these Sons of God. Only a man with the DNA of Adam and Eve could be saved by the blood of Jesus. The fallen angels are already judged, and are beyond salvation. The Sons of God needed a Saviour too, and they were all children of Adam, including Jesus.

In closing, The “sons of God” in Genesis were children of Adam, not fallen angels. This explanation makes the most sense Biblically and is the simplest answer. Study and decide for yourself. A study reference will be provided when I update this post.


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