A Christian view on abortion

How should the Christian stand on the issue of abortion?

Many Christians are very confused and mixed up about the issue of abortion. Most all the Christians, or a majority that I have met have compromised with the world and assumed a “politically correct” stance on abortion. It’s commonly called the “pro choice” position, which sounds good initially, but upon closer examination, that position normally holds that an abortion is permissible in the cases of rape, incest, or “endangering the life of the mother”. It essentially condones murder. Many Christians adopt this view out of ignorance, “going along with the crowd” “touchy feely” morals, or simply take this position because they don’t have the knowledge or ability to defend a “pro life” position. I pray this post helps.

I will address each one of these in this post. The goal is to provoke thought and provide “pro life” Christians with a firm foundation with which to defend their position and possibly help save the life of an unborn child.

First, A ceaserean section is SAFER Than an abortion.

I see no excuse, no justification nor any justifiable reason for a woman to have an abortion.

Second, NATURAL CHIDBIRTH is safer than an abortion.

“Rape”.  Abortion is not a cure, nor a remedy for rape in any circumstances. It only creates another innocent victim, an unborn child. A child who is HALF their mother.

Studies show that women who decided to keep their babies (albeit put up for adoption, etc.)  in such cases fared much better down the road psychologically, mentally and emotionally.  Abortion is not the answer to such a horrible crime against a woman. It just makes things worse.

“Incest”. Abortion is not a cure or a remedy for incest either, it simply makes for another victim, the child, and most often covers the crimes of a family member who is all too often molesting the victim, and will do it again. An abortionist is an accomplice

That being said, here is food for thought: In Genesis 19:36 you will find where Lot’s daughters got him drunk and had sex with him. Both had children by their father. One of Lot’s children was Moab. Well, guess who Moab was?  Moab was the father of the Moabites, he was Ruth’s maternal grandfather, and therefore was also a grandfather of none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. Think about that. Stick that in your pipe and puff on it a while. Lot and Moab were maternal grandfathers of our Lord Jesus.

   God makes no mistakes, and he can make good come from anything. There is no justification to kill an unborn child. No Christian should even entertain the thought under any circumstances.


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