More mid acts and hyper dispensationalist errors

More mid acts RD errors: this is NOT an all inclusive list, and not all agree on all these, but these are the type things you will hear from them at one time or another. I have heard so many weird doctrines, I can’t remember them all, so I am going to start a running list and address them all in one blog.

-That there was “an offer of the Kingdom” which was refused by Israel. Peter said the promise was to “all the Lord would call”. In Acts 2.

-That Paul was the first grace saint , the first in the body of Christ. A doctrine built on misunderstanding “in me first”.

-That Paul preached ONLY to, and solely to the Gentile. See Acts 13, Paul preaches the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus to “ye men of Israel”

-That Peter did not preach the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Lie. Read Acts 2. also see my blog post “Peter’s gospel, Just what did he preach?”

-That the resurrection of Jesus was a “mystery” up to the cross. Read Peter’s Acts 2 message “David spake of the resurrection of Christ” referencing psalms 16:10.

-That Peter and the 12 preached only to the Jew. Read Acts 1:8. This is Jesus final instructions to the Apostles. They were to wait for the spirit in Jerusalem, and then go to Judea, Samaria (gentiles), and the “ends of the earth”. Now read Acts 15:7 Peter says “that BY MY MOUTH the gospel will go out to the Gentiles”.

-That The 12 preached only to Israel. See above, and Acts 1:8.

-That the nation Israel is the Bride of Christ. The Bride is a gentile, part of the “same body” as the Jew. Eph 3:6. The story of Naomi and Ruth is the pattern for to explain this relationship.  Most Madrs and hypers only clue about our destiny is that we will be in heaven during the mellinial reign. There are too many scriptures to get around for that to be true. The OT and Paul say Jesus returns “with all his saints”  and 1 thess 4:17 says “so shall we ever be with the Lord” where he goes, WE GO.

-That Paul did not write the Book of Hebrews. They place their own pet doctrine and interpretation of the scriptures above the translators of the First edition KJV .  The translators say Paul wrote Hebrews.  They also said Moses wrote Exodus. I’ve no reason to doubt either.  The reason they reject Pauline authorship because it goes against the narrative. That being the false “two programs” doctrine. By their errant doctrine, the Hebrews were in “the kingdom program”  or Peter’s gospel. They place Paul in “the mystery” program. The scriptures are clear that Paul was saved just like the Jew at Pentecost.  He believed unto salvation, and was baptised to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost a few days later.   See my two other blogs about Paul’s authorship of Hebrews.

-That Paul had not ever saw or met Jesus prior to the Damascus road. See my post “this fellow named Paul”. Paul and Jesus were 5-10 years apart in age. Paul grew up in Jerusalem as a student of Gamaliel. Jesus was a rabbi and teacher in the temple. Go figure.

-That Paul was from Tarsus, and just sorta “drove up” after Jesus Resurrection. Paul GREW UP in Jerusalem.

-That there are “two programs”, kingdom and “mystery”. Wrong.  And downright weird. Read Eph. 3:6-8.

-That God revealed “mysteries” SOLELY and ONLY to Paul. Wrong. Eph. 3:5 says these “mysterious” were revealed to the prophets and apostles. Matthew 12:17 And he shall shew judgment to the gentiles. Matt 17:21, Isaiah 11:10. And in his name shall the Gentiles trust. So this so called “mystery” was no mystery. The prophets and apostles knew it before Paul did.

-That the non Pauline Epistles are not “to us”, and were written to the Jew. Pigeonholed doctrine excluding 3/4 of the Bible. No wonder they lack understanding. ALL of it applys to us, and is for our learning, especially the prophecies and the kingdom.

-That only 13 books of the Bible apply to us, Romans through Philemon. Wrong. Read revelation 5:10  “thou hast redeemed us by thy blood out of all nations and peoples and kindreds and tongues, and has made us kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign on earth”  many other places also include the Gentiles.

-That the seven churches of Revelation are Jewish, and John and Peter did not write to the Gentiles. The Ephesus church for one was founded by Paul. Revelation was written AFTER 92AD. Internal proof is provided by the Lord himself in Revelation 2:13. Antipas was killed in 92AD, a time Israel did not exist, and had ceased to exist some 20 years prior.

-That the Jews won’t be resurrected until Jesus second coming. Read matt. 27:52 “and the graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints that slept arose”   Paul affirms David had been resurrected in Acts 13 also. See my other blog post that explains the “First resurrection”, the harvest of the saints.

-That the Gentile is “hid in Christ” and will have no role or part in the melliniel reign of Christ. Ridiculous.  Made up doctrine to explain what they do not understand. Again, Read rev 5. Rev 19. Rev 21.  Also see my blog post “rev 21 the New Jerusalem” and “who is the Bride”

-Cannot account for David’s role in the Kingdom since they believe “the body of Christ” started with Paul. Read Ezekial 34, and ch 37. David will rule over Israel as a prince king.

-That there are “two bodies” of Christ. More doctrinal gymnastics to prop us a house of cards, by definition ridiculous.

-That there are “two churches”  “the body” and “the little flock”. Wrong. One is part of the other. Naomi and Ruth is the church.

-That works had something to do with salvation in times past. Never has, never will. This is the MAJOR DOCTRINAL ERROR of all these “right divider” groups.

-That Paul infers “works” did save in times past in Eph 2;9. Wrong. Works never had anything to do with grace. Never has, never will.

-That grace through faith came through Paul alone. Wrong. You’ll find grace through faith throughout the Old Testament and the New.

-That Paul was the first to be saved by grace through faith. Wrong again. Paul says there were others in Christ before him. Read rom 4 and Romans 16

-That Jeremiah 31 is to the Nation Israel, not us. I’ll explain.  As part of the “same body” it applies to us also.

That the church started in Acts 2, 9, or mid acts, or Acts 28.  The church started long before this. The first ones into his body were the saints in paradise at Jesus resurrection.

-That Jesus message was different than Paul’s and was strictly for Israel. “Believe”  is the heart of any of the gospel.

-That the book of James is doctrinally different than Paul’s epistles. There is no contradiction except in their own interpretation. The two are in complete harmony.

-That Grace through faith didn’t apply to OT saints. Works had to go with it. Dead wrong. Never had never will. Paul makes that clear in Romans and Hebrews.

-That Peter preached “works”. Wrong. Acts 15:7 shows Peter saying “by his mouth” the gospel would go to the gentiles. He did not preach works to either the Jew or the Gentile.

-That Jesus didn’t preach the cross. Wrong. (see Luke 24, and other places)

-That Eph. 5 is an allegory, not a literal description of the Bride. Another ridiculous assumption.

-That the believers after the cross up to the rapture are not included in Rev 5;9-10. “Hid in Christ”. Again, ridiculous. Jesus returns with ALL his saints. ALL believers up to that time will rule and reign with Christ in the 1000 year reign.

-That Paul preached “the kingdom” only to Gentiles that blessed Israel in Acts, and his doctrine and message changed later on.  Acts 28 shows Paul in Rome preaching “the kingdom” to Gentiles and Jews alike, near the end of his ministry.

– That the 12 preached to gentiles that blessed Israel, no other Gentiles. Again, Read Acts 15:7

-That there was “an offer of the Kingdom” that was refused by the nation Israel. I’ve not found it yet.

-That the “revelation of the Mystery” was solely to Paul. Paul says himself that the prophets and apostles knew it. Eph. 3:1-8

-That none of the 12 ever preached the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Read Acts 2 again.

-That the resurrection was “a mystery” until Pentecost. Wrong. In Acts 2, Peter preached it referencing David speaking of the resurrection 1000 years before in psalms 16:10

-That God “postponed the Kingdom program” after Israel rejected him. Huh?

-That Christ’s death was “a mystery” until Paul. Ridiculous.

-That the church “body of Christ” began with Paul in Acts 9. The body began on the day of the resurrection.  Read Matthew 27:52



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