The danger of the Lordship salvationist doctrine

Danger of Lordship salvation:

Lordship salvationists doctrine seems to be evolving. Changing its colors: doctrinally the change is actually more akin to rearranging chairs on a ship thats going down.

In my past experience, they claimed conditional grace. Recently they’re claiming OSAS? (Once saved always saved)  really?

RECENTLY, the Lordship salvationists I have met do believe that, TO A POINT, don’t be misled:

Their reasoning is that IF you ARE truely saved you will do right, act right, and live right. All the time. WRONG. Aint gona happen captin. The logic being that if you don’t do right, or “fall away” “fall from grace” you were never saved in the first place and need to give it another try. The danger of the Ls doctrine is that it essentially conveys to the drug addict, alcoholic, prostitute, or someone with secret sins, living immorally, or in an immoral relationship that they must “clean up their act” before they can be saved. By the LS doctrine, Lot, nor Rahab were ever saved, or could have been saved. I’m glad theyre wrong, because both Lot and Rahab were grandparents of our Lord Jesus (Lots son by his daughter was Moab, grandfather of Ruth. Go figure).
Lordship salvation is one of the most subtle, and dangerous doctrines out there. They get discipleship jumbled up with salvation, instilling a performance mentality, and it shipwrecks the faith of a lot of people. It also hinders unbelievers from coming to Christ. I’ve dealt with this first hand teaching at a rehab center. Once indoctrinated with such rubbish, It is very hard for someone to think around it to understand the true gospel, salvation being the free gift of God
through faith alone in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.


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