Ten brides in the Bible

More shadows and picture types:
Throughout the Bible, every single leader who is a picture of Christ had a GENTILE BRIDE. No exceptions. Study this for yourself.

Adam/Eve.(gentile bride) A picture of Jesus and his church. Eve was Adam’s body. Made while he was asleep. Adam was pierced for her transgressions, bruised for her iniquities. Adam was a type of Christ in that he chose to join her in death than forsake her. He loved her that much.

Noah married a gentile bride.

Abram/Abraham married a gentile bride, Sarai/Sarah.

Isaac/Rebekah (gentile) Rebekah married a man she’d never met. This is a picture of Christ and the Grace dispensation Church. None of us ever met Jesus.

Eliezer is a type of the HS when he seeks a bride for the father. Isaac met his bride in a field by a well. We will meet Jesus in the air.

Jacob/Rachel/Leah (gentiles). In this story, since she bare Joseph, a type of Christ, Rachel is seen as a picture of the kingdom Church of Israel. Leah is the Grace dispensation church. Leah’s children were born before Rachel’s, (God made his first covenants with gentiles) Then Rachel’s travail began. After Rachel had her children, again, her death in childbirth is a picture of Israel in 70AD. Leah’s bearing two more children after Rachel is also a picture of the melliniel reign, during which the gentiles will multiply for a thousand years and beyond. (I’ve yet to fully understand this one)

Joseph/Asenath (gentile) Joseph is probably the most distinct picture of Christ in the OT. Joseph married his wife in his absence from Israel, again a picture of Christ and his Bride. Joseph’s wife sat next to him in his throne. His two son’s became patriarchs, or “sons of Jacob” the tribes of Ephraim and Manessah. During the Melliniel reign, these two sons will most likely be Joseph and David.

Boaz/Ruth (gentile) Boaz a picture of Christ. Ruth a gentile, and a Jew by adoption. Naomi is a picture of the Nation Israel. Jesus is her kinsman redeemer.

David/Bathsheba (gentile).

Jesus/church(gentile) wedded to a woman he never met. she’s wedded to a man she’s never met. betrothed in his absence from Israel (three days in the grave) and his father.

in Thessalonians 4:17, we see Jesus coming for his bride, surprising her with a shout and a trumpet blast, and taking her away for seven days (the seven year tribulation).

In revelation 5, we see the bride among the people “from all nations, of every kindred and tongue, and we shall REIGN ON EARTH WITH HIM”.

In rev 19 we see the wedding of the Lamb. a few verses later, the Lamb and his bride return to earth on horses.

In rev 21:9, we see the bridal chamber coming down to earth.

Eve-(gentile) Married Adam. Came from her husband’s body. Was made while he was asleep (3 days in the grave). Adam was pierced in his side to get the rib out (Jesus was pierced for us also). Her husband chose to meet her in death rather than be separated from her (Jesus chose to meet us in death also).
Sarah- (gentile)
Rebekah-(gentile, mother of Jacob)Married Isaac. Eliezer was a type of the Holy Spirit in seeking out a bride for Abrahams son Isaac. With Abraham as a picture of the father, Isaac a picture of the Son. Married a man she had never seen or even met. Isaac met his bride in a field, Jesus meets us in the air. Rebekah respected her husband as her master. Rebekah came from Babylon. Rebekah was selected after prayer and requesting God’s guidance. Met her husband at a well. (Jesus side at Calvary was a type of well)

Asenath- (gentile) Married Joseph in Joseph’s absence from his father. Her father was a pagan high priest. Was not under a covenant, or law. Had no knowledge of Jehovah or any of the covenant Jacob and Joseph fell under at that time. Joseph is probably the foremost type of Christ mentioned in the Bible. Few would argue that. It stands to reason his bride would be a picture of the Church of Christ. Joseph was highly exalted in Egypt. Only the pharaoh was above him in the kingdom. His wife sat with him “in heavenly places” as we will sit with Christ in the bridal chamber and rule the world.

Zipporah (gentile) Married Moses during his absence from his people. Her father was a pagan priest, and she too had no knowledge of Jehovah or the covenant.

In summary, any one who believes the nation Israel is the Bride of Christ has a poor understanding of the picture types of the Old Testament. I may go more into detail in future posts. Now for the scriptural proofs that the nation Israel is NOT the Bride of Christ.

She will sleep in the wilderness. Really now? is that how a man is supposed to treat his wife?

David will be her King, as a vice regent. David will rule from Jerusalem, Jesus will rule from the heavenlies with his Bride.

Jesus always refers to Israel as “lost sheep” “children of the bride chamber”, yet calls himself “bridegroom”

John the Baptist called himself “a friend of the Bride groom”, an indication he is not part of the Bride, but will be part of the Grooms court, most likely the best man. John is Jesus first cousin also.


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