Answering Calvinism/That’s not my God

The Calvinist claims to worship the God of the Christian.  In my opinion, the god of the Calvinist bears no resemblance to the God I serve. Fact is, their god bears a strong resemblance to the false god of the muslims, allah.  Who is this god?

The Calvinist says: “Calvinism is the one that maintains God’s mercy is based upon nothing about man, and purely from the kind intention of God”.

I say: “your assertion is that you and I worship the same god.  I’m convinced we don’t. There is too much of a difference in the god you claim, and the God I worship.” here are just a few reasons why:

I cannot see a god that saves who HE chooses,  and then arbitrarily dismisses those he doesn’t choose, as being the god of the Christian. That’s not my God. Nope, that’s not him.  I know him better than that.

The Calvinist god allows people to go to hell by default, for no other reason but because they exist, and just were not given the chance, for whatever reason, and their case was never considered, or even looked at. What kind of god is that?  Their god may very well say “you didn’t make the cut kid, sorry. Too bad, so sad” on judgement day. That’s not fair. No, that’s not my God.

 I call their god the god of the lottery. The Calvinists entire life is a lottery. A crap shoot. That’s not my life. That’s not MY god. 

No, that’s not MY God. Not my God at all. My God does not work in that manner. Far from it. 

That’s not my God. The calvinist god is  not “kind” or “merciful”, except to those HE chooses. That’s how their god treats his children. Would you treat YOUR children in such a manner,? Of course not.  But the Calvinist god does. That’s not my God. 

No, that’s not my God. That’s not my Saviour. That’s not the God I serve. Nope, it’s just not him.

MY God is fair, MY God is just, and equitable, MY God is loving, my God is jealous, meaning he fears being replaced. Yes, that’s what jealousy is. Intuitively then, He wants to be your one and only.  That’s my God. That’s my Jesus.

MY God is compassionate, and he is not a respector of persons, and MY God loves each and everyone of us, even those that don’t love him. Yes, that’s my God. That’s my Jesus.

MY God loves us so much, he became one of us, and died for us all. MY God ignores no one. He sees the sparrows fall. He hears the sinners prayer, and he hears the righteous man’s praise, yes, thats my God. That’s him. Yup, that’s my Jesus.

MY God knows me so well, and is so interested in me, he knows the number of hairs on my head. And I am no different than anyone of his creations. That’s MY God.

My God loved me, and the world so much that he became a human, and he came here, to us, and CHOSE to die for all men, knowing full well not all would come to him, or choose him, or accept his sacrifice, but nobody can charge MY God with an injustice, or being unfair at their judgement. MY God is blameless. My God is faultless. Yes, that’s my God.

On judgement day,  nobody can say “its not my fault God, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, you didn’t pick me, so why do you now condemn me?, why?..why oh why god?”. That’s not MY God.

No, in MY Gods world, If a man goes to hell, he EARNED it, he bought the farm with his own money. He will stand without excuse. My God takes no pleasure when people perish. Yes, that’s MY God. That’s my Jesus.

MY God is not willing that ANY one of his creation perishes. The Calvinist cannot say such things about his god. Nope, that’s not his god at all. Not even close, his god does not work that way, no, that’s not him.
To MY God on judgement day, the unbeliever will not be able to say “but I never had a chance”  or “you are not fair in judgement”. No, MY God will not be to blame.  The unbeliever will have no one to blame but himself, not MY God. That’s why MY God gave us freedom to choose. If a man goes to hell, it is because he chose to. It’s not MY GODS fault.

The god of the Calvinist permits no choice. No, That’s not my god. Not even close. 

Again, MY God is not willing that any perish, and loves us so much, he gives us the liberty to choose and decide for ourselves, knowing that some will perish of their own volition. That’s My God, yes, that”s him.
MY God is not a puppet master. He is not a slave master. He is not “mysterious” on a human level, nor is he playing some sick, silly game of thrones with his creation. No, that’s not him.

MY God tells us all about his nature, his character and his personality in the scriptures. MY God does not play hide and seek with his creation. MY God hears the prayer of the sinner reaching out to him, and he hears the prayer of the saint interceding for others.  MY God is patient, he is longsuffering, yes, that’s him.  My  Godbforgives quickly, loves unconditionally, and MY God forgives unconditionally. My God chooses ALL who choose HIM. Yes, that’s MY God. And I am eternally secure in MY God.  Yep, that’s my God. That’s my Jesus.

The Calvinist god gives no such security. Why? Because the Calvinist won’t really be sure he is one of the chosen until his judgement. Since nothing a Calvinist does can influence his God’s choice, his only real assurance is Hope that he got lucky enough to be chosen. Most all false religions have that in common. I’m thankful that’s not my God.

MY God takes no slaves.  Jesus said “he that doeth the will of my father is my mother, my sister, my brother”. That is a far cry from a slave.  Contrary to the Calvinist view, In MY God’s world, there are no “slaves”.
That is MY God. That is who MY God is.

That said, MY God is not the god of the Calvinist, he cannot be. The Calvinist god cannot be the same god I worship, his nature, personality and character is a polar opposite of the god of the Christian,  and is more akin to the god of the muslim, who operates in the exact same manner concerning judgement.  Who is YOUR God? Who is your Jesus?



8 thoughts on “Answering Calvinism/That’s not my God

  1. Adam

    I notice that there is zero scripture in here. Makes sense since what you’ve said here is unbiblical. You’ve shown that you don’t at all understand Calvinism, and that, rather than learning what it teaches, you prefer to hate and create strawmen about it. Shame on you. This is not God-glorifying.

      1. Adam Moritz

        Yeah okay that makes sense, because only the god of arminians would be happy with you asserting truth separate from scripture, since arminianism has absolutely no basis IN scripture. Where else can you go but toake stuff up?

  2. trueassurance

    I see you have done your research, so good for you. I have spent many hours researching and trying to understand why someone would follow a man made doctrine blindly and never question some of the many false assumptions that have followed reform theology through the ages. We are to be as the Bereans and search the scriptures to compare what is taught by any teacher of scripture and what the Bible actually says. I have found it interesting that people can read the same scripture but understand it differently because one does not finish reading what the author has written and then also to take the full tenure of scripture into account to really understanding the message being sent. Also when a scripture has a reference to the old testament, we are required to reference that scripture to fully understand what the author is trying to convey to the reader in order to be clear on what was the meaning.

    Remember God will send a strong delusion at the end of days!

    1. Huckleberry2012 Post author

      Thank you my friend. 🙂 i really enjoyed your post about Napoleon. I mention him also on one of my blogs, but had never saw the complete discourse. Thank you. 🙂


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