The bride of Calvinism: Molech’s wife.


Just as the Jewish betrothal and marriage is a picture and illustration of our salvation and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ in Christianity, the salvation and relationship of a Calvinist to their god, molech, the muslim god, can also be illustrated by marriage: specifically the muslim child bride.

The Jewish betrothal/marriage and calvinist/muslim marriage are polar opposites. One is of Christ, the other of Satan.
Unlike a Jewish bride, Calvinism’s bride has no choice in the matter: Before she is born, she is betrothed. But not all the girls will be picked: (some appointed for glory, some for destruction) she does not choose the groom, he chooses her: (“unconditional election”) she had no choice, (irresistable grace)  nor did the ones not chosen or found worthy for whatever reason.
She is bought, sold, and most often is resold or traded, or forsaken completely when she no longer pleases her groom or finds favor in his eyes:(“perserverance of the saints”) she cannot question or challenge him, its not permitted.

She can be harshly punished for doing so.(hell for apostasy) She cannot challenge, disparage or dispute with her husband. )She must”Protect the prophet, Calvin”)

She is not permitted study on her own, a man must teach her. (Calvin, or mohmed)

She must obey and agree with his doctrines and his teachings regardless.

She’s to remain silent in public. Her opinion is worthless. Shes basically a slave with no will of her own.

It’s not difficult to see its paralells with the evil doctrines of Jean Calvin.

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  1. gracewilliams2020

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who view Calvinism as evil. This blog explains as to why and makes so much sense. Thank you, Huckleberry. Your blogs are packed with Biblical teaching. I am thankful to have found you. God bless, and take care of yourself.



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