Will you “perservere”?

In Calvinism, it is known as Perserverance of the saints” in other religions, its referred to as “enduring to the end” both total idiocy.

Here is ihe implication of both false doctrines:

“If they live right (by the world’s standards) and “perservere” til they die, they were in fact “elect”. (Osas)
” if they lived right sayy, 30 years faithfully, and messed up at the end, and died an alcoholic or drug addict, they were never “elect” in the first place, they just THOUGHT they were.” (maybe saved once then lost, or maybe not. Ostl)

30 years of good works and faithfulness down the tubes. Doesnt count for a thing. What a shame huh? The calvinist god deceived them. Great way to stay on both sides of the security of the believer issue.

It begs the question “how do YOU know you are elect? You dont. You may fail in the end. “why take the gamble? I’ll just wait”. Last rites anyone? Silly religion.


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