The elders in the Book of Revelation


Post tribulation and mid tribulation rapture advocates cannot tell  you where these elders came from. They are introduced in chapter 4 of the book of Revelation, with the tribulation beginning after this in chapter six. HOW. DID. THEY. GET. THERE?. Where did they come from?

Revelation shows us essentially 3 groups of people. The elders, the bride, primarily gentiles , and the tribulation martyrs. The raptured saints after the cross appear in rev 5:9-10, “out of all nations”  “Kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign on the earth” 1 Thess 4:16-17″the dead in Christ shall rise first” these are the second phase of the first resurrection, shavout,  Leah, the wheat. The NT saints. These also appear BEFORE the beginning of the tribulation in chapter 6. This is the pre trib rapture.

The tribulation martyrs arrive in soul and spirit, DURING the tribulation, (rev 6:9-11) but are not resurrected until revelation 20:4-6. These are given white robes and told to rest a little longer until the rest are killed as they were. This group is Rachel, the olives, Succoth, primarily the nation Israel, the priests unto God in the kingdom Temple. These are the third phase of the first resurrection.(see “the first resurrection”, and “our future, Kings and priests unto God”) elsewhere in this blog.


 Mid and post tribbers cannot explain where the elders in Revelation come from without conceding a pre trib rapture. They are in heaven and are introduced before the tribulation even begins.

The book of revelation is a wedding narrative. You’ll see the elders and the bride in Rev 5:9-10 BEFORE the tribulation starts.(Matt 27:52-53, 1 Thess 4:16-17).

 The friends of the bridegroom, tribulation martyrs, arrive during the tribulation, and are told to rest a while longer before their resurrection in rev 20:4-6.

Pre trib deniers have yet to explain how the elders in the opening chapters BEFORE the trib begins got there in the first place. They lack understanding.


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