The false god of Calvinism and Islam. An uncomfortable affinity.

There is very little difference between the false god of calvinism and the false god of islam. The god of Calvinism is not the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sura 14:4 And We have sent no Messenger save with the tongue of his people, that he might make all clear to them; then God leads astray whomsoever He will, and He guides whomsoever He will; and He is the All-mighty, the All-wise.

This describes the god of calvinism to a T. But wait!, there is more.


The following verses from the Quran show that nothing happens unless ordained by Allah. That includes the good and the bad. The commentary also shows the attitudes that a Muslim needs to adopt in times of hardship and difficulties.

In Surah At-Tawba Allah gives His servants the assurance of His protection. He Says:

Say: “Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Mawla (protector).” And in Allah let the believers put their trust.)

Quran (Surah Tawba, Verse 51)
In Surah Hadid, Allah (SWT) Makes it more explicit that He decides what is to happen in our lives and that He has a purpose for it. He says:

This describes the false god of the Calvinist to a T also. But wait!, there is more!



According to John Calvin in his Institites 3:2:11,The false god of Calvinism decieves people. Well guess what?  Any muslim will tell you the false god of islam decieves people also.
The Quran describes Allah as the best deceiver there is, a liar who is not above using the same evil and wicked schemes of his opponents.
For example, the Quran calls Allah a deciever, in fact the best deceiver there is:
But they (the Jews) were deceptive, and Allah was deceptive, for Allah is the best of deceivers (Wamakaroo wamakara Allahu waAllahu khayru al-makireena)! S. 3:54; cf. 8:30
Other texts that identify Allah as a makr include:
Are they then secure from Allah’s deception (makra Allahi)? None deemeth himself secure from Allah’s deception (makra Allahi) save folk that perish. S. 7:99
So they schemed a scheme: and We schemed a scheme (Wamakaroo makran wamakarna makran), while they perceived not. S. 27:50
The word for deception/deceiver/scheme is makr. The lexical sources define the term as:
Miim-Kaf-Ra = To practice deceit or guile or circumvention, practice evasion or elusion, to plot, to exercise art or craft or cunning, act with policy, practice stratagem.
makara vb. (1)
perf. act. 3:54, 3:54, 7:123, 13:42, 14:46, 16:26, 16:45, 27:50, 40:45, 71:22
impf. act. 6:123, 6:123, 6:124, 8:30, 8:30, 8:30, 10:21, 12:102, 16:127, 27:70, 35:10
n.vb. 7:99, 7:99, 7:123, 10:21, 10:21, 12:31, 13:33, 13:42, 14:46, 14:46, 14:46, 27:50, 27:50, 27:51, 34:33, 35:10, 35:43, 35:43, 71:22
pcple. act. 3:54, 8:30
LL, V7, p: 256 (Source)


John Calvin taught that God sometimes lies to people, giving them the feeling that they are saved even though in fact they are not, and the reason he does this is so he can damn them with even greater ferocity afterward.

(Jean Calvin, institutes) Experience shows that the reprobate are sometimes affected in a way so similar to the elect that even in their own judgment there is no difference between them. Hence, it is not strange, that by the Apostle a taste of heavenly gifts, and by Christ himself a temporary faith is ascribed to them. Not that they truly perceive the power of spiritual grace and the sure light of faith; but the Lord, the better to convict them, and leave them without excuse, instills into their minds such a sense of goodness as can be felt without the Spirit of adoption …. there is a great resemblance and affinity between the elect of God and those who are impressed for a time with a fading faith …. Still it is correctly said, that the reprobate believe God to be propitious to them, inasmuch as they accept the gift of reconciliation, though confusedly and without due discernment; not that they are partakers of the same faith or regeneration with the children of God; but because, under a covering of hypocrisy they seem to have a principle of faith in common with them. Nor do I even deny that God illumines their mind to this extent …. there is nothing inconsistent in this with the fact of his enlightening some with a present sense of grace, which afterwards proves evanescent (3.2.11, Institutes).


The calvinist god decieves people. So does the god of islam.
The Calvinist god controls all things. So does the false god of islam
The false god of calvinism chooses who he will and destroys who he will. So does the false god of islam.
The calvinist has no assurance of salvation, because his false god may have him deceived, and have him under evenescent grace or temporal grace.

The false god of islam operates the same way. For a Muslim or a Calvinist to even have a chance at salvation, they must remain in the cult. Leave the cult, and its hell for certain. By staying in, at least there’s a chance. There is no assurance in either religion.

If you are a Calvinist, or a Muslim, You’re worshipping an idol. The false god of calvinism and islam. Namely Molech, the false god of human sacrifice. Behind every idol is a demon. The Lord Jesus will not hold you guiltless. Here is an excellent link that draws even  more alarming comparisons. God Bless you!  says

It is impossible in Calvinism and Islam to know that you are loved by God. While Calvinists proclaim their belief in eternal security, what they mean is if you are really saved (which you cannot know with absolute certainty until you die), then you will never lose your salvation. But how can you know that? Based on your works. However, the threat of falling into some sin, and thus finding out that you were never really saved in the first place, is a possibility hanging over the head of every Calvinist.

Similarly, and blatantly, Islam teaches this same doctrine:



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