Hell ? Where is it ?What does it look like?

This post is merely a commentary. My personal pet opinion.

Just imagine a hollow earth and “bottomlless pit”. (Meaning you never hit the bottom) If you fell into it, a hollow ball, you would never hit the bottom, you would simply begin to orbit around the center. The faster you fell, the closer to the center you would be, and the hotter it is. Fire and brimstone. This is where the unbelievers soul and spirit go at death. At the resurrection of the unbelieving dead at the great white throne judgement, (one judgement for them all after the 1000 year reign of Christ) they will be called up from hell, joined to an eternal body (not a glorified one, just one that will not die) given final judgement, and cast into the lake of fire. The Bible says this lake will be within sight of the Lamb. Now if you want some perspective how big the lake is going to be, the entire population of the planet ,8 billion people, right now, can stand in a congregation about 1/4 the size of Alabama. This lake would be big enough to hold every unbeliever that has died since creation.  It is estimated that over 76 billion people have been born and died since creation.


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