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Rightly dividing the Word of truth: a word of caution.

For those of you familiar with it. Two words: STAY AWAY.

For those of you that are not familiar with it, when you DO hear of it. STAY AWAY from it. What “Right division” amounts to is simply repackaged Bullingerism, a 150 year old heresy that that was made popular by E.B. Bullinger.

E.B. Bullinger’s grand father was a man named Heinrich Bullinger, a big fan of John Calvin, who was another notorious heretic of Heinrich’s day.

Read up on it. It is doctrinal poison, and an eschatological house of cards.

I have been down the “Right division” road. Studied it. Examined it. Tested it. I have been to one of their “conferences”. Won’t be at the next one. Nor the next.

Today, it is oft referred to as “the grace movement” “rightly dividing” “mid acts” “right division” etc. They love to stand on 2 Tim 2:15.

I have met a half dozen or so of its biggest promoters, in person. I have watched them preach.

In my judgement, few of them have any discernment at all. They don’t realize it, but they are simply parroting what they have been indoctrinated with, most of which are long standing heresies. They have no doctrinal shoes of their own to wear.

It’s teachers all seem to be looking for an audience and a podium. Vain glory.

Because of their strange doctrines, many are rejects from their home churches, so they start “house churches” and plan and attend “gatherings”, and “conferences” to recruit.

To their credit, as far as I know, there is no charge to listen to them, but to attend their marathon preaching/teaching sessions, you will have to spend a buck or two to rent a room for a weekend or so, unless they happen to be coming to a town near you.

They get pretty ugly when challenged. Steve Atwood accused me of not being saved. Another lady basically had a meltdown and accused me of being a hell bound demon after I confronted her heretical doctrines. NOT the behavior of a saint, but I digress.

While no doubt as well intentioned as they are ignorant, basically what “right dividers”, as they are called today, do is over complicate the Bible, placing undue, and unnecessary “divisions” and distinctions in the Bible where none exist. An un necessary burden of understanding accompanies it.

It evolves into a pigeon hole doctrine that gets worse and worse. As the “right divider” progresses into the doctrine, they “refine” it, if you will.

Some will narrow it down and start to deny Paul’s authorship of Hebrews. (please see my other posts about that.)

Some go further, and narrow their doctrines to only 13 books of the Bible, “Paul’s Epistles” or “The thirteen Pauline Epistles” (Paul wrote 14 epistles).

Still others go a even further and accept only Paul’s four “prison epistles” as “the doctrine for the church today.”

I have saw some that totally dismiss water baptism, and the Lord’s supper as a “thing of the past”, “does not apply to the church today”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Heretics. They create a doctrine and a church far removed from what the Lord Jesus intended in past or present churches.

They are as legalistic about NOT baptizing, and NOT taking the Lord’s supper, as the Catholics are that require both. They lack understanding.

I often call this strain of right divider “Dry cleaners”, as I call myself a wine bibbing, cracker eating, all wet, Independent Baptist.

“Right division” also has an element of Calvinism in it.

I have noticed in “right division”‘s most extreme form, they would have you believe that if you were not saved under “Paul’s gospel”, scripture from his epistles alone, you are not saved at all. A well known heretic, Jean Calvin, also taught that in his institutes.

Logically, such a doctrine this amounts to nonsense. Taken to its logical conclusion, you’ll have to forget that John 3:16 conversion experience, and go back and have someone preach from Paul’s epistles so you can make another altar call for salvation.

For the Calvinist, the logical sum total is that no one was saved until Calvin came along and wrote his institutes. Ridiculous.

For me, that would mean after 40 years of being saved, I would have to go back for a “do over”, because the preacher was NOT preaching from Paul’s epistles when I got saved. He was preaching from John 3:16 when I responded to the love of Jesus and was saved by his grace.

I guess no one got saved before Paul came along. Again, Calvinism ends with this same foolish, cult mentality.

I am not pushing my pet interpretations or doctrines here, and it is not a salvific issue. But “right division” will drive a wedge between you and your church, and your fellow believers. In the end, it will leave you confused, and stunt your doctrinal growth as a Christian.

Mark and avoid these teachers.

While their doctrines are bad enough, their METHODOLOGY and eschatology is even worse, and their greatest error. And as mentioned before, that error rooted in Bullingerism and dispensationalism. Trouble is, most don’t realise it.

The greatest foundational error of “right division,” as it’s commonly called today is this:

Instead of looking for HARMONY and agreement in the Bible, and the scriptures, they cherry pick and contrast perceived “differences” in the scriptures and “divide”, and separate them. In most cases there are none there. They approach the Bible with pre suppositional biases, and draw out what supports their doctrines.

In most cases “divisions” and “differences” are simply a matter of interpretation. They are not there, and if there IS a difference, it doesn’t amount to beans anyway.

They also make a big deal about Paul, Why? I do not know. Most don’t know beans about Paul either. Paul’s foundational doctrines were no different than the ones before him. (see Acts 26:22-23)

Christ is not divided. ALL of his prophets and apostles shared the same fundamental doctrines. Be not deceived. Look for HARMONY throughout the scriptures. In closing, again, mark and avoid these false teachers.

I have several blog posts here about this recent heresy sweeping through the churches via social media. (“Fundamental errors of MAD, “more mid acts errors” “why Paul was different” “Did Paul write Hebrews?”).

Take a look.

God bless you!

Why Paul was different.

There is much debate, and a lot of ignorance about Paul these days. I hope this chapter helps you in your study and understanding.

The reason Paul was “the apostle to the gentiles” is quite simple, and it is not because of what these heretical preachers and teachers these days like to preach.

Paul did not preach anything fundamentally different than the 12. They ALL preached the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, as did Moses, Jesus and the prophets. (Acts 26:22-23)

The reason Paul was different:

Paul had a passport. He could TRAVEL.The 12 could not. Jews were only allowed to travel to Israel during special times of the year, Two being the high holy days to Israel,and for census and taxation.

For a Jew to leave Israel, or to come to Israel, (funerals weddings, etc) required special permission from Rome, and papers to prove it.

Paul was a free born Roman citizen, but he was also Jewish. And a Pharisee. How does a Jew become a free born Roman?.

Paul tells he is the son of a Pharisee in his letters.(Acts 26:3)
So logically speaking, At one time prior to Paul’s birth, His father made a trip to Tarsus,or served in the synagogue in the free city of Tarsus, which is the most likely theory.

Not long afterwards, before Paul turned 13, he moved to Jerusalem, or may have stayed in Cilicia. Paul was raised in the temple school in Jerusalem.”from the first” and I have no doubt knew the rabbi from Nazereth.

Tarsus was in Cilicia was a free Roman province, which made Paul a free born Roman citizen.

Again, Paul was a Pharisee. Pharisees had emperical authority in the Jewish churches and synagogues.They were much like our lawyers, Judges and Constitional experts in all matters of doctrine and teachings concerning the Torah.

The leaders of these synagogues,who once were Paul’s allies, eventually turned against Paul and sought to kill him.

Paul was uniquely qualified, at a unique time in history.

Only a Roman citizen was allowed unrestricted travel anywhere in the Roman empire. Non Romans did not have that privilege, ESPECIALLY non Roman Jews. Paul did.

The 12 apostles were all non Roman Jews, and were limited (initially) to the confines of Israel. Unless of course, they were traveling with a ROMAN CITIZEN. Like Paul.

Paul had credentials the 12 did not have, but not a “different doctrine”

Also, if one considers the families of those people Paul persecuted and had killed prior to his conversion, it seems logical he had many enemies in town, so for him to go to the Gentiles away from Jerusalem would make sense, while Peter stayed in Jerusalem. At least for the time.

Again, as a Pharisee, and a highly honored one at that, Paul had unlimited, anytime access to any pulpit, in any synagogue, in any nation in the Roman empire. This, and his free status is what made Paul “different”, not his doctrine. Paul tells us so in the following verses.

1 Cor 9:1. Am I not an apostle? am I not free? have I not seen Jesus Christ our Lord? are not ye my work in the Lord?

Acts 26:22-23 Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come: That Christ should suffer, and that he should be the first that should rise from the dead, and should shew light unto the people, and to the Gentiles.

I have several Posts about Paul. Take a look!

God bless!