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Works based salvation/ Fatalist nonsense

Conditional salvation presents so many dilemmas it does not even make logical sense.

For starters, if you can lose salvation, then logically, you dont know if you are going to heaven or not. You are only saved from one prayer to the next sin, and the only thing that matters is your spiritual state when the end comes.

Well, you cannot see the future, so you may live an entire life faithfully, and fail at the end, and go to hell with a lifetime of good deeds on your account that wont count for a thing.

Meanwhile, a man that lived like a dog all his life believes at the end and goes to heaven with nothing but a lifetime of sin to show for himself.

ALL of the worlds cults and false religions teach conditional, works based salvation. It’s from satan, it defies common sense and logic. It is an utterly nonsensical belief system that amounts to fatalist nonsense.

God bless you!


After rapture:

First off, it is important to know this: what you will read in this book is not mainline, modern day rapture teaching, it will challenge presuppositional biases taught in many seminaries and Bible schools, as well as views you’ve formed over the course of your Christian walk.

For those reading this with no such bias, understanding it will be much easier.

I will start with a brief explanation of the end times, and follow with an explanation of the first resurrection harvest, which is key to understanding the rapture in the grand scheme of things. The others are for illustration, illumination and encouragement.

I pray it is a blessing to you. God bless you, see you at the wedding!.


There will not be a believer on this planet immediately after the rapture, and there will not be an UNbeliever left alive on this planet when Jesus begins his thousand year reign with his saints.

Believers will follow after us when we are gone in rapture, but the world will be totally different in the tribulation, and most new believers in that time will be martyred, but raised and glorified when Jesus returns with us.

There will be sin , and unbelief in the Kingdom reign, but to a much less degree than we see today.

Most of the eastern world will all be killed or die in the tribulation, while at least 70-80% of the western world will vanish at rapture.

Those in the east will probably not notice a thing simply because there are so few Christian’s there.

But HERE, the unpaid Bill’s, mortgages and debts we leave behind will cause a financial catastrophe. economic collapse will follow immediately, and the east will seize the opportunity.

Those in the east will probably not notice a thing simply because there are so few Christian’s there.

The West will be the three ribs in the bears mouth initially. Regaining sovereignty under 3 new kings in the NWO.

Its plain as day.You’ll see about 75% of US, 90% of South America, 60% of Canada are Christian. Even Africa has a huge population of Christian’s also.

You’ll see about 75% of the US, 90% of South America, 60% of Canada are Christian. Even Africa has a huge population of Christian’s also.

Now imagine them all gone? Imagine the unharvested crops? The Drs gone, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, prison guards, soldiers and police all gone, leaving nothing but criminals. Muslims and unbelievers behind?

Imagine being a bank president and seeing 80% of your outstanding loans default at once? Imagine your deposits dropping 80% overnight?

Most of your employees dont show up for work, and wont answer their phones?

Imagine owning an electric company and 80% of the light bill’s dont get paid? And most of your employees dissapeared. Cant find them, can’t contact them. Gone.

Imagine 80% of the interstate traffic not there. Empty streets and houses. Lights on, tv on, dogs barking, no ones home.

Stoves left burning, fires everywhere, folks vanished from behind the wheel of their cars, wrecks and carnage all over the highways, plane crashes, train wrecks, and no emergency personnel there, the remaining doctors and ER personnel absolutely overwhelmed.

Think of the young children missing from their cribs, entire daycare and schools children vanished, leaving nothing but their clothes, glasses, prostetics, and tooth fillings where they once played and napped.

imagine babies missing from the womb, and the suicides that will follow.

Imagine the mothers pain and fear, the Widowed women and men in despair after their spouse vanishes.

Then the prisons will be emptied and criminals will go out and create even more chaos.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.This is a direct reference to rapture. Jesus comes for his saints.

Meanwhile, over in China, Japan, the middle east, and much of Russia , nobody beats an eye.

If It happens tomorrow, are you ready? Examine yourself.

Will you miss rapture? Not if you are a believer. God spared Lot, he’ll spare you. No worries there.

But will you stand ashamed, or with confidence when he appears for you? Do you anxiously look for rapture? Or do you fear it?

I might add that rapture is NOT exactly the next prophetic event we have to look for. The resurrection of the NT saints since the cross will occur first, with us following in short order. Two separate events occurring almost simultaneously.

Many HERE left behind will believe after we are gone, much like those near Noah and the ark before it started raining.

They laughed at him and mocked him. Refused to believe. In 120 years of preaching, no doubt the word had already circled the globe.

the world mocks and laughs at us today just like they did Noa .

Those in Noah’s day didnt have the faith to enter the ark, but as they were drowning, I’m sure many did believe, as will folks in the tribulation, many at their deaths also.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

In closing, here is the short version.

1 Thess 4 13 , the nT saints are raised, then the rapture immediately following, beginning the marriage feast IN HEAVEN (read it you’ll see it), and also beginning 7 years of tribulation on earth. Near the end, Jesus returns ALONE, treading the winepress at Armegeddon , THEN he opens the door to heaven, releasing his saints to return with him to rule the world.

You’ll se the blood from the battle on his vesture as he brings his saints with him to rule the world (rev 19)

At this time, “the elect” and ALL the worlds surviving population, INCLUDING the wicked are gathered to the valley of decision for the judgement of the nations (Mt 25:31-41) WE will be judges here in IMMORTAL bodies. The goats will all be killed, the sheep receive and enter the kingdom as MORTALS, and the dead martyrs from the tribulation are raised and enter the kingdom as priests. It’s a very simple dichotomy, but theres too much money and power to be lost if folks know the simple truths.

Think of the prophecy preachers and men who write books with just tidbits of this Biblical learning in them so as to keep you buying more books.

And perish the thought of a lay person taking them to school concerning eschatology and soteriology IS 63 3 says “I have trod the winepress alone, and none of my people were with me” we are not warriors, Jesus makes earth safe for his saints at Armegeddon. He does not need us to be in the way.

It’s a very simple dichotomy, but theres too much money and power to be lost if folks know the simple truths. Think of the prophecy preachers and men who write books with just tidbits of Biblical learning in them so as to keep you buying more books. And perish the thought of a lay person taking them to school concerning eschatology and soteriology

They look at you like that because THEY KNOW they dont truly read and study a Bible, and sense your knowledge of truth.Theyll tell you it doesnt amount to a hill of beans, but it does , their doctrine and intellect are their idols. Touch the idol, suffer persecution.

God bless!




Interim Governace and Administration.


PASTOR- Can vote as a board member if the need arises, otherwise he has a vote only in cases of a tie. The Pastor shall have the authority to recommend revocation of Individual church membership by his word alone within reason. An example would be learning of confidential information he cannot share or deems needs to be kept secret for legal reasons, primarily for the sake of decency, dignity and respect for the individual and the public image of the church. Such actions must be documented in the Church record.
The Pastor shall call all meetings, and maintain all authority concerning Church officers, deacons, and Church members. Excluding the Church Board of Trustees.

The Pastor can remove/replace Officers as he sees fit with reasonable justification after discussion with, and majority approval of the Church Board of Trustees.

The Pastor has no power to remove a Trustee.

VETO: Pastor retains veto power over the Board of Trustees. Pastors can revoke individual voting rights, but cannot revoke voting rights of Board members, nor veto Board decisions concerning voting rights.
The Pastor or Board Members may also recommend someone for Church discipline/disfellowship by motion at regular Board Meetings or called meetings by majority vote. Except in cases of calling a Pastor, or removing a Pastor, or changing his pay, the Pastor or Moderator determines the time and place of all meetings at the Church. Pastor retains veto power over the Board, and Church Body of Active Members.

Moderator: In the absence of a sitting Pastor, a moderator will be appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Pastor may designate a moderator to speak for him in his absence.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Trustees will bear legal culpability for the church, and the responsibility for the physical care and upkeep of the Church, as well as control of the Church concerning incorporation and property rights. They retain veto power, and the final voice and vote concerning calling or removing a Pastor, Church Members and Attendees, and replacing or removing Trustee Board members. At the present, the Church is functioning with a seven member Board. This number or policy may change as the Church sees fit or the needs and circumstances dictate.

Our initial Board Members are, to wit: James Dixon, Marie Sellers, Jimmy Crapps, David Hannah, Grady Miles, Tonya Miles and Melba Davis. These individuals shall serve without challenge so long as they choose to remain in the Church. They may step down at any time if they choose. or if they step down, or if deceased or removed, they will be replaced within sixty days, and their successors will be selected yearly in October. A two week notice will be given from the Pulpit for nominations.

In order to give the Church Board of Trustees legal off site authority over the Church in the event of a Church challenge or takeover by hostile parties, these founding Board Members are not subject to attendance requirements concerning the vote, however, they will lose voting privileges after one year of unexplained absence and be replaced.

The Church Board or Pastor may appoint temporary Board Members subject to Board consent. The Church Board retains veto power over the Pastor, and the Active Church Body. Board Members cannot call or approve a Pastor without majority approval of the Active Body of the Church Members. And the Body of the Church members cannot call or confirm a Pastor without the approval of the Church Board of trustees .

QUORUM FOR TRUSTEE MEETINGS: Considering COVID19, at least three Board Members must be physically present to constitute a quorum for to conduct a meeting, with due inclusion, participation and contact with of all other board members not present. All members must vote on planned agenda items and it will be recorded in the Church record. in the absence of a qualified, voting active Body of Members, the Board may take whatever action it deems fit and necessary in the best interest of the Church.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS; New, incoming Board Members must be confirmed Church Members with full voting privileges. They must be approved by the majority of the Active Board and a majority vote of Active Church Members. Divorce or gender will not disqualify a person from becoming a Board Member or Church Member here.

In the future, ideally, it goes without saying that Board members should be men of faith, They will have at least one year service in the Church prior to nomination or election, regardless of previous Church affiliation elsewhere, experience or qualifications. They must be of a good report, peaceable, agreeable, humble, and have a proven loyalty and dedication to the Church goals and mission, with a complete loyalty to the enforcement and carrying out of our Church covenant and Bylaws.

TRUSTEE REMOVAL: A majority vote of all Active Board Members is required to remove another Trustee Board Member. Active Board of Trustee members cannot be removed by the Pastor or the Active Body of the Church.

NOMINATIONS: The Active Body of the Church, the Board of Trustees, or sitting Pastor may nominate or present a Pastor or member candidate for election or confirmation. Final confirmation must be by majority vote of the Board, as well as majority vote of Active Church Body members present.

Active confirmed Church members are considered in good standing with at least 4 services attended over the last three months. They are confirmed Church members in good standing with full voting privileges. They may vote in all matters concerning the Church. The Active Body of members may examine or veto candidates for office or Membership presented by the Pastor or Church Board. The Active Church Body will have veto power over any candidate for membership or Officer presented by the Church Board or Pastor. Active members forfeit voting rights after three months unexplained, unexcused absence. Members names will be removed from the roll after one year of absence.

INACTIVE MEMBER WITH VOTING RIGHTS- Those Church members first proven in the faith who support our church financially, in prayer, advice and cousel, missions, as well as other means, but are providentially hindered from attending on a regular basis by health issues, distance or circumstances will be kept on the roll. If these individuals join another Church, all rights as members will cease.

INACTIVE MEMBER: Is one who has been gone from the Church for more than three months unexplained absence. Inactive Members lose voting rights after three months, and their names are removed from the roll after one year absence, or sooner as the Board deems appropriate.

LETTER: Inactive member letters expire after one year unexplained absence, and this Church will not send letters or recommend these individuals simply because the Church cannot vouch for them or their testimony. If a person begins a path to membership at our church, and moves to another Church, and seeks to join that church, while not a confirmed member at our church, this Church may elect to grant a letter of recommendation testifying to the person’s testimony during their time with us, and hopefully, it will be considered as a credit towards the receiving Church’s path to Membership.

PATH TO MEMBERSHIP: Generally, the Baptist path to membership is a six month period of informal observation, discipleship training, fellowship and examination, followed by confirmation as a Member, with voting rights granted six months to a year later. The board may modify, shorten or lengthen the path on a case by case basis. A letter of recommendation from a sending Church usually shortens the path, but is not a guarantee of immediate confirmation.

MEMBERSHIP: is automatically revoked after three months unexplained absence, or joining another Church. This will not apply in cases of providential hindrance, military service, mission field, Seminary or Bible College, or like circumstances so long as the board member maintains happy contact with the Church. Becoming an Active Member of another Church will remove a person’s name from the Church roll, and will also disqualify a Board Member as a Trustee.

VOTING: A majority vote of standing board Members and the Church Body in attendance is required to revoke voting privileges of any Church Member subject to discipline. This does not apply to Trustees. Trustees vote is determined by the Board. This is to prevent a church takeover by a hostile party.

ASSEMBLY MEMBER/MEMBER CANDIDATE. These are Member Candidates on the path to Membership, or NonMember Attendees. They are going through a period of observation and examination and fellowship by the Church Body.They will have no vote but will have a voice in all meetings. The Church Board will have veto power over any Member Candidate confirmation recommended by the Pastor, or active Church Body.

NONMEMBER ATTENDEES. These are generally considered “those without”, and other Members of other Churches visiting for services. There are no obligations or moral expectations required of these individuals, we just want them to come and learn and worship with us.
If they apply for Membership, they submit themselves to the Church, with full agreement with the Church doctrines, covenant and by laws, with generally a six month, no obligation, no promises grace period for examination is required for confirmation as a member, assuming proper attendance, voting rights given one year after confirmation. To avoid church takeovers, except in special cases, this is not to be changed. Exceptions, exemptions and waivers will be on a case by case basis as the Church Board dictates.

WAIVERS:The Church Board may grant waivers concerning discipline and path to membership on a case by case basis with Pastor recommendation, and majority approval of the active church body.

QUORUM: All Members present at a regularly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. Under normal circumstances, all Member votes must be in person. This rule does not apply to the Board of Trustees. For Trustees, a minimum of three Trustees shall be present to constitute a quorum at a regular called meeting. If needed, the pastor or Moderator may stand in for the third trustee if necessary.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: ALL CHURCH MEMBERS are expected to , and will be required to recuse themselves from voting in cases that may present a conflict of interest, or even appear to be viewed as such, as disciplinary action concerning a family member, or some connection to a potential vendor or contractor hired by the church.



RIGHT TO EXCLUDE: Membership in, or association with a secret society, or adherence to Calvinist beliefs, “reformed doctrines” of any denomination, or beliefs against eternal security automatically precludes a person from being confirmed as a Member and automatically disqualifies a person from office, Membership, or confirmation for membership in our Church. Such beliefs and are against the Baptist doctrine, and the covenant and doctrines of this Church, and constitute heresy. The individual may attend services but will not be considered for membership. This rule also applies to Board members and Pastors.

Rejection of the core doctrines of the church, eternal security of the believer, active membership in a secret society, cult, or adherence to Calvinism or reformed doctrines as well as others will disqualify any nominee for membership or consideration for confirmation for membership, as well as disqualifying any potential pastor nominee.
If any active member or board member joins a cult, or secret society, or begins attending such meetings out of curiosity, or as a prospect or candidate, they will be excluded from our services.

Sorcery, dabbling with witchcraft, tarot cards, seances or ouija boards by an active member will automatically revoke that person’s membership in our Church, and they are not welcome in our services. This rule also applies to Board members and Pastors.

If not an active member, (assuming ignorance) such aforementioned individuals may attend church, but if unrepentant after learning better, such individuals will be excluded from our services.

Political activists, and individuals who come into our assembly for the purpose of political agendas, publicity stunts, political statements, or attempting to disrupt services, cause controversy, or seek grounds for litigation for lawsuit may be removed and excluded by appropriate and legal means. The Pastor, Moderator or senior Trustee present will make that decision.


Unexplained absence for a period of 3 months up to a year.
Propagation of heresy.
Personal slander of the Pastor, or members of the church.
Conduct unbecoming a Christian.
Should any unhappy differences arise between the members of this church, the aggrieved Member shall follow the pattern in a tender and loving spirit set before us in Matthew 18:15-20 entreating the individual privately initially. Every earnest effort shall be made to settle the difficulty through the mutual seeking of pardon and forgiveness from one another and from the Lord.
Should any cause of gross breach of covenant or of public scandal arise, the board of trustees shall endeavor to remove the offense and resolve the situation with the advice and counsel of the Pastor, and if their efforts fail, a committee of the church members will be appointed to hear the matter. A committee will consist of at least three active members of the church appointed by the pastor or church moderator.
No matter of discipline shall be brought before the church unless the above has been carefully and prayerfully followed. At least a two week notice of such action shall be given to the accused party. The accused does not have to be present to proceed.
Courses of action that can be taken: Restoration upon confession and repentance: A Letter of rebuke: Probation: Disfellowship for a set period of time: Permanent disfellowship: Withdrawal of voting rights and privileges for a set period of time, or other sanctions the church deems appropriate and fitting for the offense.

                                                                       ARTICLE XIV        

AFTER RAPTURE: CHURCH WILL AND FINAL DISPOSITION: AFTER the Rapture, or in the event of a Church failure, dissolution, total destruction, and no attempt or desire to rebuild the Church, any monies in the treasury, or property of Ferry Road Baptist Church must be donated or transferred to another non profit organization.