IF you miss the rapture: Seven years to live.

IF you miss the rapture:

Many Christian religions do not teach rapture at all, and that’s ok. Believing something doesn’t make it true anymore than NOT believing it makes it untrue.

But what if it is true? Do you really want to be left behind?

Paul calls the rapture “our blessed hope” and says to “comfort one another with these words”.

Jesus says he will spare us from the hour of trial that is to come on all the people on the earth. (Rev 3:10, Mal 3:16-18}

The Bible says for those left behind, who have heard the gospel and rejected it already, that “they will be sent strong delusion, so that they would believe a lie and be damned”. (2 Thess 2:12).

Take that however you will, but for me it means IF you miss rapture, and you have heard the gospel and rejected it, You won’t get another chance to accept Jesus as your Saviour. Your conscience is seared. God has sent you a strong delusion, you will not be able to believe anything but a lie, and you will most likely die in the tribulation.

If you don’t know him, accept Jesus as your Saviour today, tomorrow may be too late.

IF you miss the rapture.

I am not here to talk you into rapture, or pre trib rapture, or post trib rapture, but the one that makes the most sense, and is the most likely is the pre tribulation rapture. I have many other posts concerning Pre trib rapture.

My goal here is to assume the pre tribulation rapture is true, and take a hypothetical view from an unbeliever’s position. Allow me to make my case.

What if its true? What IF there will be a Pre tribulation rapture? What if it happens? What are the implications?

This post is predicated on two things you must know: I define “Christian” as a person who believes in Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Whether he be Catholic, or Mormon, or a Yiddish Tibetan monk in Kookamonga, If he loves Jesus, for the raptures’ sake, he is a Christian, and only Christians will be taken in the rapture.

The second predication is that ALL Christians on earth at the time will be taken, not just the “righteous” ones. Many, like Lot, will be considered unworthy by the world’s standards, but Jesus, in his love, mercy and grace will save us in spite of ourselves simply because we believe in him, and as such, we belong to him.

Just as Lot was removed from Sodom, “vexed his soul with the filthy conversation of the wicked”, so shall it be with many Christians when Jesus appears for his people. Many will stand ashamed, and many will stand with confidence when Jesus appears for us, and takes us back to the Father’s house in heaven.

So with this happening, how will it affect the rest of the world? Looking at the numbers will give you an idea.

One of the best ways to understand what would happen to the world immediately after the rapture is to look at the numbers.

Lets start with the percentage of Christians in the different regions of the world. According to most internet sources, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the planet, about 25% of the earths population, followed by 1.8 billion Muslims.

These Muslims will still be here after rapture. World wide Jihad will begin.

China is about 2% Christian. The middle east is about 5% Christian. IF their Christian populations were to vanish, they would barely notice anything happened. There would not be any Christians around, but life would continue on as if nothing happened.

The United States, Brazil and South America are from 70-95% Christian. Think about what life would be like if 70-95 % of their populations vanished in the twinkling of an eye.

IF the rapture hit the United States during the daytime, and people vanished from their homes and vehicles, just imagine the chaos.

Imagine the fires caused by unattended fireplaces? Imagine the carnage on the freeways at rush hour traffic? The highways all over the country would be clogged with empty vehicles. Imagine. And there would be nobody to help.

In major cities like New York, nobody would be able to get in or out of the city except on foot. The highways would be blocked with millions of empty cars, and wrecks and multi car pile ups the likes no one has ever seen.

IF you are one of those relatively few left behind, at night for instance, about 20% in most neighborhoods, when daylight comes, your life is going to change. A lot. Very quickly.

Most of your Family will be gone. Without a trace.

Your wife? probably. Kids? most definitely. Vanished. Gone. Grand parents? Yes, they will be gone. And you will never see them again.

You’ll find your wife’s wedding ring, her shoes and her clothes. Perhaps her contact lenses, or fake eyelashes. The baby’s crib?. Empty except for the diaper and a pacifier.

There is no point in calling mom, she isn’t going to answer, she’ll likely be gone too. IF she isn’t, she will have her own problems to deal with.

But you won’t be able to call anyone because the cell towers don’t work. There is no electricity. And the water doesn’t work. You won’t get a shower tonight, or a hot meal any time soon.

So you walk across the street to the widows house and knock on the door. The dog barks. No answer. But she’s fine. She’s just not there. Same thing at the next house, and the next. Their cars are there, but nobody is home. Panic begins to set in.

You look around. You see smoke billows from fires in abandoned homes and from businesses and vehicle crashes everywhere. But where are the Police? Where are the fire trucks? Where is the sound of sirens? The flashing lights? The eerie silence is deafening.

80 percent of your Facebook friends. Gone. But you won’t know it. You can’t log on. Forget messenger, your phone won’t have any signal.

The contacts on your phone? 80%. GONE.

Then you’ll notice the lights are out. no power anywhere. With 80% of power plant employees GONE, most would automatically shut down. All nuclear power plants across the nation, with no one at the controls, would automatically “scram”, and safely shut down.

Power would go out nationwide. Good luck charging that cell phone. Land line phones? Forget that, they won’t be working either. Internet? nope. No power, no internet.

You won’t be able to contact anyone beyond the sound of your own voice.

IF it happens in winter, you best start gathering wood for a fire because the lights won’t be coming back on any time soon. If its summer time, good luck staying cool, and finding water.

So you jump in your car to go looking for someone, ANYONE who can tell you what in the world has happened. None of them know either. The radio is silent.

As you drive into town, Cars, wrecks and carnage litter the highways. Injured people, bloody and staggering attempt to flag you down, begging you to send for help. You dodge people standing in the road.

You see mothers and fathers in the neighborhoods frantically running house to house, looking, and walking around their yards screaming and crying for their missing children.

Think Zombie apocalypse. The world has gone mad.

You pull up at the convenience store. No one is there. The clerks are gone. The gas pumps won’t work. Now what?

You look across the road. There is a crowd of people at WalMart. Maybe they know what is going on. The parking lot is full, but 80% of the drivers will never return to their vehicles. WalMart employees, GONE.

Nobody can ring you up, because 80% of the workers are gone, and the rest did not show up for work. They are dealing with the same horrors you are.

You are on your own. If you dare to walk over there, you won’t be able to buy anything, and you will have to fight a crowd to steal anything off the shelves.

The police? NOWHERE to be seen.

IF you could, it would be pointless to call them, there won’t be anyone there. 80% of them didn’t show up for work either. and the remaining 20% are dealing with the same troubles you are. For on duty officers, they will be overwhelmed. No one will be able to come to your assistance. The last thing on their minds, or anyone’s mind will be coming to work.

So you think that’s bad? Hold my drink. I’m just getting started.

911? There won’t be anyone there to answer. Doctors? Nurses? 80% gone. Police? most all gone. Paramedics? 80% gone. Prison guards? Most all gone. Drug stores? closed. You won’t be able to get any medicine, or see a doctor going forward.

You won’t even get the mail anymore. and the trash truck won’t be picking up the trash on Tuesday morning.

Most of the criminals are still in the jails, but nobody is there to watch them. Of the 20% of the jailers and guards left, most of them will be at home, just like you, with their own survival to worry about, and just like you, their lives will be in total chaos.

For the criminals, They will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon. Rapists, thieves and murderers. Better dust off that pistol, you are going to need it.

Hold on, it gets Worse. A LOT worse. Chaos is coming.

Think about the farmers. I don’t believe I have ever met a farmer that did not love the Lord, but at least 80% of them will be gone. Their tractors will be idle. Their crops will go to waste. And 80% of next years food will never be planted. And there won’t be anyone to pick it, process it, and transport it anyway. 80% of the United States food supply will not be on the shelves in the coming months. Famine is coming.

The Production and supply chain to our nations grocery stores will be broken. 80% of our truck drivers won’t be here.

Food prices will sky rocket. Stores will empty of food and shut down because of panic buying and no electricity.But you are broke, the banks are closed, and the ATM’s don’t work.

With no electricity, and no way to keep frozen foods, the only thing most folks will have to eat will be whatever they have in their cupboard, or what they can scavenge from fields, gardens and abandoned empty houses in the neighborhood.

Good luck pilgrim.

You go back home. No TV. No heat. No water. No air. No internet. No family. No food.

You are going to be as grief stricken, terrified, alone, isolated, and as lonely as you have ever been in your life. And you have, at the most, seven years to live. IF you miss the rapture.

Ironically, Those 80% that left you will be at a party in heaven. rejoicing. And they will live forever. You won’t be on their mind. And they won’t miss you. And you have seven years to live at the most.

In China and the Muslim world, they barely noticed anything happened, and since the Western world just went dark, it will be a while before they have any idea anything happened, but the world balance of power just changed. China is now the world’d dominant superpower, and Islam just became the world’s dominant religion.

What does that mean for you? it means Communism. It means Islam. It means forced conversion. It means death.

It means in the next seven years, IF you survive that long, you will see horrors you cannot imagine.

You will see your nation’s language change. Your property confiscated. your guns? confiscated. Your money? confiscated. You will own nothing and be happy.

You will see wars, plagues, famine and pestilences. Extreme hurricanes, drought, torrential rains, persecution and poverty.

You will have no rights. You will be a subject of the New World Order. A citizen slave. Just do as you are told. Or suffer the consequences. IF you miss the rapture.

Part 2 coming soon.

copyright 2022 James Dixon





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