WalMart rant

I have to walk a half mile to get into the place, then another half mile finding things they keep moving around, with a buggy with flat spots on the wheels “flap flap fappity flap,”

The associates attitude is like they’re getting a tooth pulled if they help you, and they’re doing you a favor allowing you to shop there, then they dodge you to avoid engagements,

Then I have wait in line to check myself out while a half dozen cashiers stand around “supervising” 1 cashier with a line 20 people deep, and watching the mob for thieves, “customer assistants” right.

Then I scan my stuff, with no training, and bag it in flimsy plastic bages that MIGHT make it home, and often don’t.

And Lord help if I happen to have a sudafed or can of spray paint in the mix.

They even make paying the bill a pain in the butt. “No cash” at this one, “no cards” at that one, usually when I have the opposite on hand.

And after all this, to top it off, before I can leave, I have to prove I didn’t steal what I bought.

Such arrogance and in some instances, down right contempt for custumors is why I started spending my grocery money elsewhere.

And their prices aren’t much cheaper than the mom and pop store down the street where a real live human being can check me out.

Nowadays, WalMart is a major migraine for anyone that goes there. May they reap what they sow.

I worked a grocery store for 4 yrs in high school. Walmart is the worst customer service I ever saw. And except when I have no choice, I dodge WalMart like the plague.

See y’all at the Dollar Store and the mom and pop store down the street.

Copyright 2022 James dixon



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