Bio: Its not about me. The purpose here is to encourage you to STUDY on your own. Not follow the latest doctrinal fads and teachers.

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  1. Eric

    Hey – I was wondering if you could explain Hebrews 6:4-6. I know those verses are often used by conditional salvation people to say you can lose your salvation. Of course Pauline only people have an easier time explaining because they say it doesn’t apply to Gentiles.


    1. Huckleberry2012 Post author

      Well brother, if one ises Heb 6 as a “proof text” for conditional salvation, then they must also follow the entire context of the chapter to it’s logical end “It is impossible to renew them unto repentance”, meaning salvation, by their own logic, is a one shot deal.Lose it, and you cannot get it back.
      That begs the question: how righteous must one be to keep salvation, what level is required to keep salvation and what level of unrighteousness is required to lose it? I have yet to get a coherent answer.

      As for who Paul was addressing in Heb 6, I don’t see where it would affect the meaning or logical implication of his words. Acts 26:22- Eph 3:6-8

    2. Huckleberry2012 Post author

      Hebrews 6 confirms eternal security. It essentially says if one could lose salvation it would not be possible to get it back. So salvation is irrevocable, or a one shot deal. Paul also abolishes the Jewish priesthood in Hebrews. Jesus is a priest after the order of Milchisidek. Melchisidek was a gentile. Meaning gentiles qualify as kings and priests unto God.

  2. Eric

    Yeah – never heard a good answer myself. I asked a guy one time if he told a lie and didn’t have time to “repent” would he split hell wide open and he said yes he would. I told him I would be scared to death to be in his shoes. He also said it would be a long time before you reached the point you lost your salvation – crazy.


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